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New app: Launcher for Android Wear

If you are missing swipe-to-open the launcher in Android Wear 2 here's a solution. Swipe to open a customizable list or grid of available apps, star apps for easier access or hide apps you don't want to see in the list.

Getting notifications but no text when I scroll up on AW 2.0 motorola 360 2nd gen. Is there an update??


In "Messages for Android Wear " I see only messages that I've received and not the messages I've replied by the phone.

How can I see the entire conversation inside the app?...
how can I see my messages sent from my device inside the conversation in the app on the watch?

Thanks in advance

Purchased wear app full version but it will not communicate with my Samsung gear s2 it used to work just fine but now will not send Facebook messages to watch how do i fix or get my money back:(


Hey how can I install this app on my samsung gear S3? On my Samsung S6 I have this app but I can't do anything, can someone help me? 

How am I able to see the photos from google photos app from the phone on the watch?

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For some strange reason I get the message "download pending" FOR ALL APPS FROM APPFOUR.
Also they don't get unstalled from the watch :(
Could someone help please ?
Either the apps should work or we should be able to remove them !

Hi,I wanted to ask,why my photos aren't syncing with my watch
I bought it 2 weeks ago and on the phone I have around 1000 photos but on the watch it shows me only 200-250

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I want to upgrade to the full version, but it seems google has disabled in-app billing in my country:(
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