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Appfour releases 6 new apps for Wear OS: Altimeter, Compass, GPS Tracker, Speedometer, Stopwatch, and the all-in-one Instruments.

Hello I am using Photos standalone mode with all accounts logged in and all permission granted. Somehow it's stuck on "loading photos". I'm wearing a watch sport with the latest wear OS. Please help.

I bought some wear apps I use a 10 dollar card register the purchase on my e-mail account but now I had it to set a new phone with the watch and install my app for my michael kors smart watch the play store want to charge me again

I pay also $9.99 and keep asking me to pay again what type of scam it's this

I already paid 9.99 but it keeps asking me to pay for all apps to upgrade. Please fix.

I got a new phone, and I had to reset my android watch. So reinstalled the app on my watch. Now it's asking me to pay again

Hello. Is it possible to have a "send to watch" button on the gallery so that I don't see massive battery drain when the app tries to fetch images for watch face background?

Since 6 August Wear Mail does not sync anymore. I reinstalled several times, and setup new connections to accounts. Account validation works, but the app does not load messages at all. keeps on saying busy (for > 12 hours) and does nothing.
Anybody else have this issue?

Ich kann auf meiner Diesel On keine Photos ansehen welche via whats App kommen...Hilfe.... ich habe alle wear dienste gekauft aber geht nicht und sprach Nachrichten auch nicht. Bekomme nur ein emoji

Ciao, possiedo un note 8 e un huawei Watch 2 4g. Quando lascio il telefono a casa e ho solo l’orologio connesso con 4g non arriva nessun messaggio da wear messenger. Quando il telefono e l’orologio si ricollegano via Bluetooth,allora si sincronizza tutto. Ma così non serve a niente. Ho un orologio indipendente dal telefono però così la vostra app non mi fa ricevere nessun messaggio. La stessa cosa accade con mail for Android sempre vostra. Comprate tutte e due. Potreste dirmi perché non ricevo nulla quando sono connesso in 4g con l’orologio ? Mi succede anche con lg Watch urbane 2. Grazie
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