Anyone gonna stop by my lab and get their starter? No?

Name: Neko
Pokemon: Froakie
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Likes: Pokemon, mega evolution, Adventure, Ice cream, His friends, sleeping, music
Dislikes: People who diss pokemon, heights, Being forced awake
Bio: Neko was originally from the kalos region being the only son of calem he was taught how to be a good trainer with his sister but one day he had to move to this region as Calem wanted to learn about pokemon fusions. he and his Team (which he got from his father) were not pleased having to leave his friends behind

Name: Professor Red
Age: 12
Pokemon: Lucario, Hoopa, Staraptor, Pikachu, Poliwrath, Sceptile
Likes: Discovering new Poke-Fusions
Dislikes: Team Rocket
Bio:  I started off at Pallet town, getting my first pokemon. I chose Charmander, and began my journey with him. Professor Oak gave me a Pokedex, and he asked me if I could fulfill his dream, completing the pokedex. So I told him yes, and I battled all 8 gym leaders, beat Team Rocket, and became the champion. But now I'm in some region called the Talapia region, where there are Poke-Fusions, a mixture of two Pokemon. So, I'm still the Champion, but a professor at the same time. I'm also champion of the Orpeos region. I currently have 6 Poke-Fusions, and who knows how many are out there. I'm on a quest to catch them all...

Ok I guess I will be the first Elite Four Member, This is my fixed Profile since another mod doesn't like it
Name: Killian Jones
Age: 18
Job: Elite Four Member
Pokemon: Legendaries are Lunaala and Solgaleo Mythical is Magearna
Bio: He started his Journey with a Litten and a Topu KoKo
Dislikes: cheaters, Team Rocket, Meanies
Likes: Chocolate, Strawberries, Cookies, Baking,

How old can a elite four member be ?

…now what?

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