Winston just hit earth he was captured for the circus AND he grows up then tracer saves him later in a plane Winston accidentally Makes tracer wreck then it shows her dissapering as a ghost as bastion tries to make a entrance and suit for her to enter it shows him growing up getting bigger and he is trying to fix it days are coming and going then Tracer wakes up one day she hits her bunk bed she puts her a hand on her hand on her Head for a reaction then she says wait what Winston:[standing next to her] tracer: looks smiles did u fix me Winston:[nodes yes] Tracer[hugs] we can make a great team Winston: U can go to the past 10 seconds And to the future 30

THE BASTION family: is missile bastion,Moving mini gun bastion,Still mini gun Bastion,GIANT BASTION,Moving tank bastion,,Still Tank bastion,ENGINEER BASTION,bastion 1-27,THEN (# 28) The last bastion
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