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quien me hace la base

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hello guys we have a new member say hi to +princessa harmony 

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My Story

       There was once a young mare, she loved to walk through the forest at the brisk of dawn. Her name was Flutter Shy, a nice kind pony which also loved animals. Her pet, Angel, she remembered rescuing because his mother was dead. So, as she walks through the forest near dawn she can hear the chirping of crickets and admire the animals skittering about. She liked to trot about and smell the wonderful flowers with the slight sent of lilac and rose. Flutter Shy was happy and pleased with what she had in life, there has been no complaints from her, and still to this very day she has a smile......... a sewn on one......

th-thank you for excepting me

now we have new members
i have not been on this community for 2 years
i have been really discrated

Just for fun lets have a contest

We have to write a shorts story
It can be Scary or Happy
the best one will get a new oc drawn by  ME
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