True Story, TopNetworkersGroup was started when Aaachoo was in Pre-Launch. Most of the people I was working with at the time, did not want to work with me in Aaachoo.... So I decided it was time to prepare to create my Own team.

Aaachoo did not last ... went OUT of business 3 months after they launched.

TNG is still here :)

I just put this community together to start sharing information on TopNetworkersGroup - My Team.

I began building this team in 2010 around the concept of multiple streams of income... that's when I found out I was not very "clear" about what even I wanted that to mean ..

I'm excited to share all we've been UP to; and all we're currently doing to reach OUR goal, of creating a team of Professional Network Marketers that earn Professional money in OUR industry.

Want to HELP?? ....

You're all invited!
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