+Sara Starlight -Gabriella-

Ian Carried the shock ridden Gabriella into his Flat looking around he placed her on the couch. The flat was very Minimalistic in design but had a sort of mirrored Layout to Holmes'. Once she was lying there he placed a couple extra logs on the Fireplace and started to fill the kettle

Tea or coffee?

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Gaby is Shakeing, Scared even, but she doesen't really cry from the outside, but in the inside, They got her. They put a Bomb on her body. it's so heavy that she can barely stand.
She got a Phone and a text that she need to tell her Friend, Sherlock. Even tought She don't feel like crying, her eyes filled up with tears. It's cold. it's almost time to Call him...
She's Standing next to the Big Ben Clock. Waiting.

"What do i do?"

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Quote: "It's no fun to have a Normal life, ya know."

Name: Sara Gabriella Starlight [Nickname: Gaby]

Age: 21

Nationality: Hungary/USA/UK (born in Hungary/Father:USA/Mother:UK)

Affiliation: none, mosly hang out with Sherlock's flat

likes: Drawing, Helping Sherlock, Listen to his ideas, Cook, Sing, Mostly listen to Sherlock playing violin, Read John & Sherlock Blog, Listen to Music.. sometimes loud,

Personality: Bright,More positive than negative person,Funny, Eazyly bored if there is nothing to do, She always try to break the akward silents,

Dislikes: Scotland police,, Exspecially that Woman who called Sherlock a "Freak" and any other people who just can't accept him.

Appearance: (Picture)

Background: Her parents are went missing after they got to England, and She was afraid. She was lucky that the newspaper showed Sherlock, and when she saw where he live she went over there Really quickly.
After She found Baker Street 221b She rushed in like someone is following her.
After She told her Stoty To Sherlock, John let her Stay in the Flat as long as she want, while he and Sherlock looking for her parents.
Yet SHe have a little Clever head that What could happend if thos or that cold be choosen.

Bio: ???

Extra: have a Pocket knife hidden ih her boots.
There was a time when Sherlock readed her like an Open book, and She took it in a Wrong ways and teared up, yet she Just said that iT's toddaly normal, She told Sherlock that-
"If it's your opinion that's fine, I can't judge, so no harm is done."
Yet she explaned that she sometimes tear up for no reason.
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+Greg Jones​))

A rather young woman entered the door of the Scotland Yard wearing tan pants, knee-high black boots, and a Jean jacket over a white shirt. She looked around for a moment before leaning back against a desk, observing the room with a kind and calm smile. As people passed they nodded in greeting as they knew the woman and had for a few years now. She let her eyes scan the room until they landed on a older gentleman. She didn't recognize him nor had she met him before. She looked at him for a few moments before nodding and looking away.

Quotes: "I do got to say, if it wasn't for your eyes I'd assume you a girl."

Name: Aideen Marshal.

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Nationality: Irish/Scottish

Hair: Black, pixie cut

Eyes: amber

Height: 5'3

Weight: 125.

Occupation: Bookstore owner/ consulting detective.

Relatives: N/A

Hobbies: writing, reading, reading the blog of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, singing, and guitar.

Likes: sunsets, tea, tedious work, cases she is given when others can't solve them.

Dislikes: Scotland police and their ignorance as they tend to get in her way.

Bio: Ever since she was a young girl, Aideen traveled around in search for cases by herself. She learned many skills from blogs and books that she both read and wrote. After she turned 18, she moved off to Scotland from her homeland of Ireland and got a nice apartment where she spends her time writing when she isn't caring for her book store.

Iain was casually sitting at a cafe in Shaftsbury Avenue observing the people around him. One man in particular looked very suspicious.

+Greg Jones​))

A rather young woman smiled gently as she opened the door into the New Scotland Yard. She wore tan pants, knee-high black boots and a blue jean jacket over a white shirt. Her amber eyes scanned the room as she leaned back against a wall, watching everyone as they did their work, some even looking to her with a smile and kind greeting since most knew the young woman. "Looks like a calm day." She muttered to herself as she looled from face to face, finally seeing a gentleman who was new. She hadn't seen him before or even recognized his desk. She chuckled as she watches him for a few moments, nodding to herself.

Quote: life's journey is hopefully long. But we all know how it ends. It's getting there that's the fun bit.

Name: Sgt (rtd) Ian Drummond

Age: 27

UK National: Scottish.

Affiliation: The People.

Deductive Reasoning: Fairly Strong.

Personality: Soft spoken, with a slight stutter when nervous keeps to his normal behaviour in most situations.

Appearance: Messy short dark brown hair, brown eyes and a fairly tanned complexion, normally dressed sharply, casual attire is Jeans a dark Polo, suede boots and a woollen coat.

Background: Ex-Royal Airforce engineer, left post promotion after he was invalided when he was injured in a plane crash over Syria.

Bio: will reveal as time passes

Extra: Carries a RAF L90A1 handgun (Browning Hi-Power 9mm) concealed in either his coat or jacket 
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