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Round 1: 6 gnolls, 1 Flind, 1 vrock.
Round 2: 5 gnolls, 1 Flind, 11 vrocks.
The party survived, but it was close for the thug and inquisitor. They were both staggered for at least 3 rounds. But the party was hyped up on stress and advantage on death saves is huge. Helps that the orc thug has an AC of like 24. And now that the orc inheritor has three skeletal minions, he’s got an AC of 25. They will most likely go out of their way to kill a demon in the first round from now on.

After this fight they kept exploring, and I kept rolling 4’s for more stress and once rolling a spot of concentrated covetous, dwarfish greed, which was very stressful for the orcs especially. Now everyone is riding at 5 or 6 stress and they keep exploring. I know at least two characters are going to lose their shit if I roll a 6 on the encounter die. Finally they ask how to get rid of stress and decide to rest in a seemingly empty room with only one door. But they discover a secret door which leads to the lair of mongrelmen, but they don’t know that yet.

Oh, and the Hellegram! An imp delivered the Hellegram and gave them a contract to sign, saying it would be back in 24 hours to get their answer. They’ve decided they will tell Lord Ha’Chavet the truth, that they’ve already contracted to recover the hammer, but they would be happy to contract to steal the hammer from their current employer after they’ve delivered it. I thought they might pull something tricky with fact that the Iheritor has a second head on his feet which is unknown to Lord Ha’Chavet and is not named in the contract, but they’re being straight shooters.

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Party is about to receive this Hellegram via imp. They are already bound to deliver this hammer to a major follower of Grandfather Counts the Days.

In last night’s session the party escaped from the dwarf ruins they found under the silver mine they were clearing of monsters. They encountered a bone ooze, that was more like a big single-celled organism that tried to absorb them by paralyzing them with numbing pseudopods. But the combo of the pain druid’s spell that makes the target take subdual damage equal to regular damage meant that the thug maxing out his damage roll with his brutality dice reduced the ooze to a quivering blob in one round. But they were sprayed with numbing fluid from the wound. But that soon wore off and they made their way out, encountering a friendly family of aurumvoraxi.

They had more than enough treasure, bounty, and monster essences to level up without fiendish intervention. One of the leads they have is that there is an even larger dwarfish ruin deep in the mountains.

So I haven’t really thought about what could be there, I thought they’d go in another direction, but that’s players for you.
I like my jellyfish zombies, so there will be more of those.
More dwarfish construct guardians that attack you with sadness.
I think a local devil who follows Grandfather Counts the Days will demand to be brought any unique dwarfish artifacts so he can ritually destroy them. Maybe give a time limit as well since the Comet itself is swinging close by.
Maybe a conflicting demand from their current lord, who wants artifacts as well?
The ruin borders the demon wastes, so I think gnolls should be around, maybe they’re having trouble with the jellyfish zombies now.

They also have a journal written in Empyrean that leads to the Tomb of Horrors, that’s in the Demon Wastes as well.

I'm working on converting the sample dungeon from Holmes' Basic to Perdition, figuring out saves for the monsters is giving me some trouble. Any guidelines?

So I'm working on leveling up my character into her second class, and I have questions. +Courtney Campbell

-Henchmen: so I have a henchwoman who is level 8 now. As a level 1 Magus, I assume she no longer follows me? What happens to her?

-If I'm reading the rules right, my pool of spell dice shrinks down to 2+Magus level+ Cunning mod, is that right? It seems reasonable, rules-wise, but also...odd, diegetically. Would my original pool be separate, and used only for Warlock spells, thus forfeiting Prestige gain until you reach dual class level parity, or is the new pool all I get now? I mostly ask because the Arcanist section references Warlock levels when talking about gaining spells (by which I assume I still have access to those spells).

-You get character points per level; does level 1 in another class count for that?

-Warlocks get bound fiends, but everyone can bind fiends, technically. Does using them count for the "no using stuff from your previous class or you get no Prestige" rule?

In last night’s session an ancient dwarven guardian golem attacked the party with weaponized grief. A mental attack that made those it hit feel the grief of the extinction of the dwarven race, with flashes of their defeat by the devils, retreat into their mountain fortresses, and eventual extinction by parasitic brain jellyfish.

I’m finding the wide variety of conditions very useful. There are a lot of knobs and buttons to turn/push in this game, and I can find a condition to fit any situation that is straightforward to use. This grief attack stunned those it hit. The jellyfish zombies first distracted, then fascinated before they could shove a jellyfish in the victim’s mouth. The party having to use actions to remove those conditions made for a tense fight, especially since they were rolling like shit.

I have 13 Charisma now.

I can heal 9 times a day for 26 health.

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+Courtney Campbell

"Henchman grant you an additional initiative die and access to up to two of their powers, attacks or abilities."

Is this access to powers, attacks or abilities a per round thing, per combat, or did you have something else in mind? How does leveling them affect this?
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