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Just watched Jason Wisdom in his new band, Death Therapy. Playing in Little Rock, At.
It was pretty frakin awesome

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Great show last night. I'll have a pretty good bangover tomorrow I'm sure. The new line up is pretty good and I enjoyed it. Though I'm still unconvinced that McCane is as strong a vocalist as Wisdom. Note that when I say this was a "great show", in the previous 5 or 6 times I saw BTA, it was more like "Epic-alogical Metal-ificus Awesome-ocity".
For those in BTA, don't feel too bad. I recently saw Soul Embraced, my absolute favorite band ever, for the first time after its last lineup changes and came away similarly, despite the vocalist being the same. I guess my generation of metal is getting old like me. (I just wish people would form new bands instead of changing old ones personally)

Nothing to do with BTA, but just sad news in general: HXC dancing still exists. Except now its sadder because its the same guys from 8+ years ago and you know they should be 25ish now.
Becoming The Archetype going on in a while. Haven't heard them since Jason Wisdom left. I'll try to give the new lineup a fair listen.

I haven't bought the new album yet. I'm nervous to get it, I'm afraid I'll hate it. I've listened to all the samples as they came out and I just wasn't digging it. In particular, Wisdom was one of my 3 or 4 favorite metal vocalists ever and the new guy just wasn't doing it for me.
Personally, I thought Celestial Completion was pure top shelf genius.
Can anyone convince me to get the new album or should I avoid it and just remember the BTA that was?

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