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Here are some places that you can RP in :

> Little Daisy Cafe.
> Lackadaisy Speakeasy.
> The streets.
> And other places. for any other places in general

Huge thanks to +Insufferable Bunny Cuddler​ for helping me he's a really good friend :3

Since this community is dead and +Zuzu K craves for a roleplay, here's this.

Death comes in many ways ranging from within the body to by more physical options. It's something that is utterly inevitable for every living creature that breaths, and those who attempt to conceal themselves from it are fools. Death is impossible to avoid no matter what occurs. Then again, only certain individuals see enough death to be accustomed to it such as William Finch.

William strolled down the sidewalk, his dapper appearance visible for those who witness him as he made his way to the jail in order to investigate the case he was assigned to. Some poor lad apparently ran over some crippled with his automobile when he was recklessly driving drunk last night, but he didn't care much for the case. It had a simple conclusion, and not even he could discover some loophole in the books to save this male. After all, he's a pathetic individual to be driving while intoxicated and not question his ability to handle the vehicle. Nevertheless, he had a job to do and for once he didn't want to get involved with any gangs and get his hands covered in the gore of the oafs that stood in his way of achieving his goal. He believed that sometimes you must do things that you nobody does, no matter how shady, in order to accomplish a task or case. It's just how the world spins today in 1927, a few months after the launch of the "Spirit of St. Louis."

William had no intentions of speaking with anybody else today besides the sheriff and the fool who accidentally murdered the cripple last night, and then he would spend the rest of his day at home and probably attempting to get some sleep for once in a while. His eyes were bloodshot behind his glasses as the nightmares kept him awake during the nights, and sometimes he was able to simply sleep through them and wake up in the morning to discover himself drenched in sweat. The Great War had made its impact on him to where death is normal, so when he murders fools from gangs, he has no sympathy towards them whatsoever. They were trying to stop him from reaching his goal, and thus they had the die for him to pass them; it's as simple as that. His past haunts him so, and with no family to be around for him after he returned from the war, he is traumatized for eternity. Even now, William has no friends but maybe a few acquaintances that he rarely engages in conversation with. He's a peculiar individual he supposed in the eyes of the modern world with all its new dances, parties, and jazzy clothing. He sort of missed the good old days, but he had to admit that the Roaring Twenties were quite an excellent decade to be alive in the United States.

William sighed, gazing up at the elegant blue sky as he headed towards his destination. It was truly a gorgeous sight, and it made him wonder what lied above the sky. Nothing else was on his mind as he passed the residents of the city without a care in the world.

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Personality:Hot headed Usually grumpy Protective over brother not that responsible Doesn't trust that many people
Weakness:Her bad temper her irresponsibility and her Hotheadedness
Fears:She fears not being with her brother loosing everything that she has swimming ((mostly in pools))moving out of her comfort zone
Bio:In Development...

Elizabeth is walking around the streets holding her suitcase

Elizabeth : I'm finally here can't wait to until 8 see my uncle!

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Why does no one has the courage to start a rp!?

I don't know whether this community is dead or not-

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It's jazz time

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I want to rp but my art sucks, literally.. (Obviously not my art)
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