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--focus your eye on green group
--enter trade when green lines merge
--coffee exit point is current flame S or R
--potofgold exit h-lines, up&l or flame cross orange
--define your div (for example 1000:0.1)
--try to end everyday positive
--with more screen-time and experience ride the wave
--repeat the success everyday without thinking
--simple and smart rules
--no fear, no hope, no stress

Greetings to all Cyrox traders. Been doing some reading here on the latest  improved Cyrox methodology.  I'd say it is the best I've seen since I joined Cyrox in 2007.  The "Purple Rain" method and its' rules are the most well defined plan yet.  It is visually pleasing to the eye and can be "branded" into to the brain to easily recognize. Then all you do is make sure it meets the "purple rain" criteria. If I could give one piece of advise, don't play with the set up.  Don't do any "tweeking", follow the rules and trade without thinking.  Cyrinus has already done all the research for everyone who has ever been on this forum.  To me, trading is mostly psychological. TRUST & BELIEF in the methodology is the key.  Follow the method and the money will follow. After each trading session always ask yourself, "Did I follow the rules?"  If you can say "yes", win or lose, it was a successful session. Do that everyday and you will be a successful trader.

--Low start capital and low risk 
--Easy to combine with day job 
--Less stress and sleep easy every night 
--Easy to maintain and a repeatable process 
--Less risk with low market exposure 
--Less trading time per day 
--Trend agnostic (any market condition) 
--Easy to master and maintain the skill 
--Best way to manage the risk

--All web based 
--Real-time non-lagging using bid/ask flow
--No repainting like other traditional charts
--Generates triggers and targets using cyrox algorithm
--R-lines and H-lines for control
--Optimized for Cyribbon Scalping 
--Works on Linux, Mac, Windows 
--Works on mobile devices 
--Use Linux OS 
--Use Arora, QupZilla, Midori, Google Chrome or Firefox browser 
--No need to download anything (no java or flash) 
--Monitor and trade from anywhere that you have Internet access and a compatible browser

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