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Cautionary tales on being responsible for your own api...

Ok, so it's been most of the week with no updates on what's going on, so I'm going to assume #NRC01PL is officially dead.

I've been thinking, however, that I might keep this community going - even if it's just for me. I have now gathered quite a few resources on personal learning here, and see no reason not to continue. At least for a while.

My posting frequency will most likely be reduced without the daily updates from +Stephen Downes, but perhaps some of you others will decide to post too.

Or not. That's cool too.

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Are people up for a twitter chat? Seems like we've got a good basis for a discussion around issues of personal and personalized education.

I suggest Monday, March 28th at 4 pm (1600) Central European (Daylight) time.

We could use the hashtag #pl_chat
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Good idea, but can't make it then.
Not interested.

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Some thoughts after playing around a bit.

- I really like the idea. Having a central place to connect all my learning-related activities is great. Kind of like what LinkedIn could be if it didn't have the creepy corporate bias.
- Adding competencies is simple and straightforward, both from the existing list and creating new ones. I can foresee, however, the list of competencies becoming quite unmanageable as people continue to add their own.
- I can't get the LPSS toolkit bookmarklet to work for me; every time I open it it want me to log in and refuses to let me... I use FireFox (latest) on Mac OS X (also latest). The problem may stem from my combined use of U-block, Privacy Badger and HTTPS everywhere, but troubleshooting these does not seem to yield results.
- Learning record: I can add things, but cannot edit or delete them...annoying when I want to correct a typo. Another browser-related issue?
- The complete lack of social tools seems like a major drawback. How can one build/share a PLN/PLE without social integration. I managed to add my twitter account in the external account manager, but can't find any place in the system where that has any impact.

On the whole, my initial thoughts are: it's a great idea, and a decent start but there's still a ways to go to make it ready for prime time.

What are your first impressions?

Reminder to everyone: in the discussion boards of the NRC01PL edX site, +Stephen Downes has asked us all to answer the question "What does personal learning mean to you?"

A couple of people have answered already, but it would be a good thing if more do the same. Spread the word!

So far in Personal Learning MOOC, we've covered the openedX environment and LMS in general, we've been encouraged to use diigo, twitter and other sharing tools, we've covered learning objects and environments, and we've been introduced to connectivism.

All very interesting stuff; some of it I had been introduced to before, some of it was new (gRSShopper certainly appeals to my inner geek!) but part of me is wondering when this couse will really get going...

- The dicussion boards on openedX are pretty quiet; no surprise as discussion boards are rarely conducive to interesting discussions in MOOCs (not sure why not, but I'm sure there's been done some research on the subject).

- The Twitter tag #NRC01PL has seen a little activity (and both +Vanessa Vaile and I have created Twitter Lists), but that seems more like a series of false starts than any real connecting.

- People are using the diigo-tag, but that's information sharing and not connecting.

- Even the hangouts with +Stephen Downes have been fairly (though not exclusively) one-way, sage-on-the-stage (or rather, in his study) type events rather than something conducive to connecting and etablishing a network...

Now, there are 4 weeks left so there is plenty of time for this MOOC to take off and become both memorable and valuable. And I am optimistic this will be the case (although I'm at a conference the first 3 days of week 4 and will likely miss any action there is).

But so far, it's been a bit of a let-down. Perhaps I simply had unrealistic expectations, perhaps I was thinking this would be the second coming of #etmooc (an unfair assumption, I know, as the that MOOC and this one are quite different beasts).

Reagardless, I am looking forward to the continuation, and hoping my early disappointment will be put to shame.
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