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As people join - let me know if you want to be moderators, and I'll upgrade you. Don't want to give that to anyone who doesn't want it, but the more, the merrier!

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Cautionary tales on being responsible for your own api...

Ok, so it's been most of the week with no updates on what's going on, so I'm going to assume #NRC01PL is officially dead.

I've been thinking, however, that I might keep this community going - even if it's just for me. I have now gathered quite a few resources on personal learning here, and see no reason not to continue. At least for a while.

My posting frequency will most likely be reduced without the daily updates from +Stephen Downes, but perhaps some of you others will decide to post too.

Or not. That's cool too.

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Audrey Watters unpacks the latest tech hype: Blockchain, and begins to look at what it might mean for education. Well worth the read, and definitely (possibly) related to the topic we've been looking at in this MOOC.

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Nice illustration of the difference between an LMS and an open, connected course.

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For those who didn't catch it on Twitter: here's the announcement from +Stephen Downes on what happened with #NRC01PL.

It's a shame the NRC is changing focus on this.

Thanks for the work you put into it, Stephen. It was an interesting ride.

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I'll make this my own week 7 reading: An Open, Online Course Model to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online by Lisa Lane.

I imagine many have read it; it's a good case study of creating a training programme for higher education faculty who are preparing to teach online. Lane discards the technocentric and LMS-based approaches and focusses on experiential learning and open pedagogy. Well worth the read.

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Another week 7 reading: Learning and performance support systems: personal learning record: user studies white paper by Helene Fournier and Heather Molyneaux.

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Hi all,

This week is the last week of #NRC01PL , but the networking and learning is never done! I've lurked on the sidelines of the +Peeragogy Project for a couple of years now, and am incorporating many of the principles I've picked up there into the online course I'm co-designing for filmmakers becoming film school teachers.

There's a lot here to like and these hangouts are every Monday (7 pm here in Europe).
What is Peeragogy? It's "Learning for the People!"

TOPIC: What would YOU like to talk about? Suggest a topic in the comments!

You may download the public domain version of the Handbook at GitHub: or order the print book on IndieBound (or that other big online retailer).

Ping us if you'd like to join the panel, we can take up to 10 guests. Please be sure you have microphone and headset/earbuds if you'd like to participate.

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