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KDE Neon FullHD Preview - The Newest KDE Daily Builds With Latest Features From Ex-Kubuntu Leader (Based on Kubuntu 15.10)

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The First Plasma Wayland Live Image: KDE Plasma and KDE Apps on Wayland Review & Video 1080p

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I am planning to flash KDE plasma active on my nexus 7 2012. But I have below concerns, it would be great if anyone of you could clarify it.

1. Plasma active is now plasma mobile.
If I flash plasma active will I get all the updates released for plasma mobile on my nexus 7?

2. On official site of plasma mobile I didn't get info regarding nexus 7. Is it still supported??

3. How is the experience of plasma active on nexus 7.

Thanks in advance...

Will Jonathan Riddell's stepdown affect Plasma-mobile in a bad way?

Hi all,
I'm trying to install KDE Plasma-mobile on my Nexus 5, and I want the latest stable image.

I'm experiencing a few errors,
1. It says, "unknown flag 'developer-mode' ".
2. And " unknown flag 'password' ".
3. After removing these flags (I'm not sure if removing these two flags is right, but does nothing until removed), starts downloading, but after a few percentage gets out and says, " unexpected EOF".

Now, what can I do?
Is there any way to download the files manually (where?) and install on the phone manually (how)?

Any help is appreciated.

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What do you think?

Other photo and description in the link

p.s. sorry I've change the link, my mistake... I've shared in Private Mode... :)

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what do you think?

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Which you prefer?

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Any download links for nexus 4?

I want to use an RHEL-based linux distribution (Fedora, Mageia,  CentOS, or something alike) on a convertible.
Can someone give me any hints or recommentation how to setup plasma active for my multimedia and development purposes?

No, I definitely don't want to use Ubuntu, so please do not try to convince me of non-RHEL-based systems.
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