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Midori Yakumo

Discussion  - 
tried to change the vendor from mer to opensuse and it cannot boot up....
is there any image of opensuse for Nexus7?
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Maybe Xda developers ?
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Peter Novotnak

Discussion  - 
Installed the plasma-active meta package from the Ubuntu repositories, and my mouse is invisible ;)

Is there a gconf-editor equivalent for KDE / plasma-active?

Also, touchscreen and mouse don't work once the environment is fully loaded, not sure what that's about.
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Michael Sost

Discussion  - 
What I would like to have in pa4:
- a mpd client (as part of plasma mediencenter)
- a upnp client
- a small photo editor for the basic editing
- more integration of owncloud apps in pa4: bookmarks, rss feeds, notes/journal

a lot of work, may be its already in development. but pa4 is today a real tool for knowledge workers!
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e shep

Discussion  - 
Can anyone tell me for what possible reasons I am not able to connect to a hidden wifi?

$nmcli d wifi connect hiddenssid
Error: No network with SSID 'hiddenssid' found.
KDE Plasma Active
The K Mobile Environment!
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Sorry, Chris. Allow me to apologize for e shep's rudeness. 
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Nikolay Stoynov

Discussion  - 
Anyone tested Active 4 on the newest Nexus 7 (from this year)?
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Thanks for the response!
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James Mason

Discussion  - 
Is there any place to see what software is available via the n7 image? Like, but for Mer ?
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+Ruediger Gad your blog is a treasure trove. Thanks for all your effort. 

If anyone can advise about flash plugin for the plasma active browser (on the N7) I'd really appreciate that.
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rob kwispel

Discussion  - 
Hi guys i am a linux kde user got a samsung  tab2 p3110 and i have done some research and if i am correct i could (with fastboot) install the image from archos G9 because it's the same hardware i think? Will this work..? Does anybody have experience with the samsung tab2 7.0 and if so could you tell me if it's possible? And how..
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+Ryan Northrup Cool please keep me informed! 
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Damien Hubaux

Discussion  - 
Hi, I'm testing Plasma Active on a Dell XPS12 (laptop convertible to a tablet). I'm a Kubuntu user, and plan to install it on this computer as a starting point. But I'm looking for a better way to take advantage of the touch screen, so I tried kubuntu active (both as live image - painfully slow, and could not get any app to start - and tried the installation on a separate partition, which hangs forever with a black screen). Any hint for an image to try and install?
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So I tried: Mer does not work on the XPS12 (hangs someshere in the boot process). I will wait for the next Kubuntu Active release due in April if I'm correct.
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I re-formatted my Nexus 7 to use images listed here:

Now I can't boot into PA. The screen is stuck here:
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Marco Martin

Discussion  - 
In Active 4 File Browser there will be more control for browsing, such as selecting by album or author when you are browsing music
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Wow, you're already working on this? Awesome! Can't wait till it hits Integration and I can update without braking my system again, I'm excited to try it out! :)
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About this community

"Plasma Active is intended for all types of tablets, smartphones and touch computing devices such as settop boxes, smart TVs, home automation or in-vehicle infotainment."

Kersten Droß

Discussion  - 
Question one of you has already geschaft bespilen the Nexus7, the new generation with the KDE Plasma Active?
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Dave Sargent

Discussion  - 
So there seems to have been no activity here since 12/18/13.
A question occures to me.
Is there another forum to find for doings on Plasma Active?
Is it coming along for other devices
Gaining tablet screen time on existing builds
Just seems this group has fallen into a black hole or the like.
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Michael Sost

Discussion  - 
Hi, i updated today my PA4 installation on a wetab over apper (182 packages). But now when booting the kde daemon/kde workspace is always crashing. And there is no chance to repair the installation. are there any ideas to fix it?

thanks very much for help,
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Is there any other or more recent link? The one posted above is dead.
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Geoff Walker

Discussion  - 
Hi, I am trying to find a way to get some version of plasma active running on my new Thinkpad Twist convertible alongside Windows 8.  I have tried openSUSE 12.3 with plasma-mobile packages and it runs flakey and will not save any Activity updates.  All Kubuntu versions leave me with a black screen and cursor after booting, and the mer PA4 iso runs nice off a USB stick, but I can't figure out how to install it on my GPT disk without blowing away Windows 8 (which I also want to test).  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the info.  If I weren't such a noob, I'd offer my services!  I am a Java developer, but I've been living in the world of Windows for far too many years.  How soon do you expect to see the Debian packages?
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Melanie Chevalier

Development  - 
Did you get Active running on something?  Q88, WM8850, A20, Ardiuno (what?) Please share links to your progress photos or videos, it could get you fans, testers, or even development help!
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Xavier Claude

Discussion  - 
Any new about the release of version 4 ? was talking about a release for the end of March but I have seen nothing since.
Development. Developing Active Apps. Plasma Active Apps are easy to create, adapt, publish and distribute. You can use Plasma Quick (which builds on top of Qt Quick and the QML declarative markup language), JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++ and other languages to write Active Apps. We have collected ...
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See the last mail from +Aaron Seigo on the Plasma Active mailing list on this topic:
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Scott Wilson

Discussion  - 
Is there any ongoing effort to get Plasma Active working on the brilliant Chromebook Pixel?

Thanks In Advance
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Yes, I can imagine that this works well, maybe even better than with a tablet computer. Yet, it's still a different form factor (you cannot do what you describe with a common tablet computer), so there is still no guarantee that a UI optimized for a 7-10" tablet without a keyboard will work perfectly on it.

So, again: I'd be happy if you tried PA out in a VM on your Chromebook and reported your experience here.
If it works well, maybe try out Kubuntu Active, which should run on the Pixel (However, it had quite a few issues due to compared to PA running on Mer in the past. Not sure about the current status)
If your experience is positive, we can say "Plasma Active works like a charm on the Chromebook Pixel!", which would be great! If not, we know we should keep our warning up.
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Tania Fathima

Discussion  - 
“Attaining optimum user experience with smart devices and virtuous content”
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Smart devices and the cloud: solutions and security concerns
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Valentin N

Discussion  - 
I am planning to buy a NEXUS 7 in the following weeks and as a huge fan of KDE I would like to know something about Plasma Active. Will the the system be able to use a USB RJ-45 network card? It would be quite useful to test cables and network connectivity while in a data center.
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Thank you
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Santiago Vazquez

Development  - 
hey!! I'm using Linux mint 14, and I have the facebook and twitter widget, the thing is If I have no Internet access, the system will not start with those widget in my desktop, I had to wait, needed to solve my INTERNET, then I can log into Linux,... and of course I'll remove those widget until I find some workaround
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Hmm, should the widgets hook into something similar to QSystemNetworkInfo but with methods that can check basic IP network connectivity?

I didn't see any such facility when quickly browsing the kdelibs api docs.
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