I'm sure I am missing something somewhere but can't figure it out. How can students on managed accounts/chromebooks get desktop notifications for calendar events?
On the admin side of things we allow students to manage notifications.
On the student side:
-Student allowed notifications from Google Calendar
-Students set notifications to be desktop popup
-Students has an event set to notify
-Nothing happens.

I work with Special Education students and need speech to text apps as well as apps that read textbooks etc. to the student. What do you recommend?

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A review of the Chromebook that has changed the image of the Chromebook forever. The fabulous Google Pixelbook is the best Chromebook to date. Not only is it super sexy in the looks department it’s got amazing specs and comes with Android Apps and is Linux Apps ready. This is the Chromebook that will compete with any laptop out there and is going to be direct competition for the Apple MacBook Pro this Christmas.

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I just finished and published my latest Google Sheets Add-on: BadgerPD.

BadgerPD is a Google Sheet Add-on for Micro-Credentialing / Badge tracking. Set it up for a school, classroom, conference, or business. It will allow you to link to your own training's, or a public repository. Enjoy and Never Stop Learning.


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Now, to create #OrganicLearningResource in #GoogleSlides is very easy!

Why still doing linear presentations if we can represent our understanding in a more accurate way by doing an "Interactive Mind Map"?
Check this:

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Can a Chromebook compete against Microsoft Windows?

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Want your students using Chromebook touchscreens to write on Google Drive files in Google Classroom? That's what the Android app is for!

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The best Chromebook available if your budget cannot stretch to a Google Pixelbook.

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Wishing all our patrons & Their Families a Very Happy & prosperous Diwali..!
#HappyDiwali #Deepavali
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