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Having gone through our first year of 1:1 implementation. I had ZERO issues with managing the Chromebooks in my classroom. We used the Chromebooks to start every class and the students enjoyed the routine that was established. What issues are others seeing in managing the Chromebooks in your classes? Any suggestions for fixes?
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No issues
Destroying keys
Wrong sites (usually for games)
On Device at the wrong time

With Securly now providing free filtering (, I was wondering if anybody knew of the most cost effective solution to provide teachers a combined desktop view of their class' desktops. I'd prefer something integrated into classroom lists rather than an alternate upload, if possible. Thanks in advance!

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I am helping a group of teachers prepare for a 1:1 Chromebook program. One of the teachers had been using iPads with her students and asked a great question about text annotation without a touch-screen. I put together a video response to share one idea. I thought this group might get some value out of it as well!

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Episode 15 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

Live from the Google for Education Admins conference in the Wisconsin Dells, the admins discuss the conference, summer fun in the admin world, and getting ready for the school year. Special guest Tim Lee from Amplified IT will join to discuss Amplified Labs and their handy tools.

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Hello Everyone,

OK, I will admit. I am not with it today. I had done some work on the setup of the Chrome Books we got in and now I am lost.

When the system comes up, instead of the login screen with our email for our district it comes up in Public Session mode instead of the log screen....HELP!!!

I am doing 3 things at once and hate myself for asking this, but how do I go back to the login screen for our devices???

Any help would be appreciated.. I can find out how to set public sessions however I want the login screen back....

Thanks for any help.....I need to slow down.....and quit drinking so much coffee....

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+YouTube 's video editor is going away in September enhancements in the video manager will still be available. thx +Rick Lapi for the heads up.

We are looking to purchase more chromebooks for our school. We currently have Dell 11 and some older Samsungs. Any recommendations of Chromebooks you love? And Why you love them? These devices will be in the hands of 5th-7th grade students. Thank you in advance for any information!
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