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Crimnui: 'You'll never be alone anymore'
Probably the ONLY artwork of mine, which is nice...

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Crimson x Ennui

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Hi thanks for accepting me.I love this couple ;3 Not for nothing I joined this community X3.
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'Be my soulmate'

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I finished them!

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Crimnui fanfic
Chapter 3


The song 'Taking over me' sounded on the radio, when Crimson had awoken. Quickly dressed up and went for last to school...
When the summer vacation began with the schoolbell's rang, she said goodbye to the school and came back at home to prepare for the concert tonight. Dressed a long, bloody red dress and black boots. In that time something flashed through her mind. Crimson stared around hopefully, to find something.
What she actually looked for?
The clock's sound interrupted her thought. After just a hour she should to go on...a concert...the first concert in her life. Did he listened the same bands as her...Whatever-the only, who has matter, was that he was just like her...
((after one hour))
Crimson went out of home. There already was Ennui. When noticed her, waved with hand. She locked the door and stepped toward him.

Said the boy, tried to sound purely friendly. Crimson greeted him, too and both kept silence. For them the words didn't had a matter, because the teen-goths understood each other by the stare. And it's the thing, who the materialistic peoples can't understand or feel...
Both walked through the forest and around them there were only wet leafs and animals, killed by the humans. This place was hunters' territory, actually. Crimson and Ennui didn't appreciated those peoples (even more than the usual ones), because they killed only for enjoying and...of course, for moneys. But also with that negative thought, they were happy from inside of that all these creatures are now on a better place...
The concert had just began, when they arrived. Sorrowly, there was a small number of peoples, who were goths inside-out. Even though all, it was amazing. For the first time Crimson met her favourite bands live and many others. The girl was very pleasant to Ennui...

It was half past midnight. Ennui brought Crimson back to her home. Before to say goodbye, she stared at him and putted in his hands a little coffin, made of wood.

-Before, when my father has been alive, he made a different figures of wood. This coffin was made year, before his and my mother's death, so it means a lot...Now I give it to you.

-But why? It's yours.

He couldn't understood.

-If we just dreaming and tomorrow it's time to wake up, without meet anymore, this will remind you of me. It was given to me, because I was the special thing in my parents' life...I my life I feel you're special. I know that my parents appreciating it.

Ennui took it and smiled at her. Crimson said goodbye and went at home...


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Thank you so much for promoting me!

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1) Circe and Loki on HALLOWEEN

2) Kevin and Nelly (Devin and Carrie's childrens)

3) Raùl, Leticia and Antonio (Heather and Alejandro's childrens)
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