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How can a lone wolf terrorist wear a coat

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Global Terrorist Database 1970 - 2013

Is it just me or does it appear the accumulated number of successful attacks seem to be creeping Northward towards the US?

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North Korea says their satellite is harmless, but experts think otherwise. What's the real deal?

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After nuclear test, North Korea is now in missile launch.

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How to spot a TERRORIST. IS YOUR co-worker or neighbour secretly a terrorist? You can recognize a potential assassin with these tips from law enforcement officials and citizen and victim advocate groups.
Keep close tabs on anyone who:
1. Uses language that threatens violence, or incites others to violence.
2. Possesses technical literature, such as flight manuals printed in any language.
3. Is a foreign student, tourist or businessperson who remains in the U.S. after his or her visa has expired.
4. Is visited at home or work by a steady stream of unfamiliar cars or people.
5. Possesses a large number of weapons and/or material you suspect could be used for bomb making.
6. Wears bulky clothing, even in warm weather, possibly to hide bombs or weapons.
7. Has no regular work schedule, but always seems to have plenty of money.

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Lone Wolf Terrorist: What Is A Lone Wolf Terrorism? A solitary wolf or lone wolf terrorist is somebody who submits to vicious acts in backing of some gathering, development, or belief system, yet who does as such alone, outside of any order structure and…

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In Search of Truth
A Debate for Anti-Terrorists

What does it mean to be an “Islamophobic”?
Is Islam the root of all Evil?
Does Islam endorse propaganda?
“Islam” in the 21st Century

As you probably know, Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei has recently published a letter addresses to the young people in Europe and North America. Interestingly enough, a heated discussion is going to take place on this Monday at 6 pm, and you can watch it online here on that time:


I just watched an IS beheading. Shocking I've got to say. I assumed that they used a quick method of decapitation but alas no. I encourage you to not watch these videos but be aware, stand against, and rally against terrorism.
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