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i haven't posted in a while so here you are:

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* [ Update : 1 || 22 || 2017 ] *

[ Name ]
> Nightshadow

[ Type of Therian / Otherkin ]
> White Arctic wolf with light grey eyes.

[ Age ]
> 25 years old

[ Location ]
> Corvallis , Oregon

[ current status ]
> Online

[ Attention please ]
> I have some issues with making myself understood, so if you don't understand what i am trying to say, please ask questions.

[ Profile data ]
> Well to start off, I am new to all of this and still trying to figure out myself as a therian / Other kin.

> I have had multiple Wolf phantom shifts, but i am still unsure about it.

[ Contact ]
> Please feel free to ask me anything. You can contact me by post here.

> You can also contact me through Google + , hangouts or email at

> you can also contact through skype at Alpha Nightshadow [ Therian Wolf ]

[ Outside Activity ]
> RPG's
> singing Opera
> reading books
> Writing music
and much much more.

[ information ]
Please feel free to ask me anything! I want to contribute as much as i can here!
And thank you for reading and asking questions!

[ Pack Information }
> i am currently attempting to form my own pack here in Oregon, if you want to know more or join , please PM me or email me.

> Pack Website :

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I haven't been here in a LONG while....So how have you fellow Therians been doing???

thank you for letting me in i appreciate it a lot.

i am 15 (16 in April next year) and my kin types are a dark brown grey wolf called Storm and a cat called Ectasy i found out i was therian 3 and a half years ago while i was with my fiend who is also therian.

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i guess i should share something.
I did them 2 days ago.
4 Photos - View album

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Hi all, I hope this is okay to post! I have just created my own pack, open to all wolf/wolfdog Therians ages 13-19. This is a respectful, friendly pack where you don't have to worry about being yourself :) (Not that you have to worry about it here, just trying to describe the pack!) This pack does include role playing. Please feel free to request to join! Make sure to please look over the rules once accepted, thank you :) 

Hi I am new to this community. So here is a little about me. I am a wolf therian and an alpha of my pack. I have a YouTube channel called DB life. I still don't know what type of wolf I am. ( red wolf or a black wolf) thanks for letting me in. 😊

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I'm Lizzy a wox/ cat

Is this just an rp group?

Hey guys,

I think I'm gonna remove this community
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