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           The History And Culture Of My Salad

This will sound strange; but as I was making my salad, I decided to do a study on what cultures were represented in my salad. Lets start with salad in general.

The word "salad" actually come from a French word.  However the actual salad itself springs from the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Salads were popularized in the USA during the late 19'th century. The salads we usually eat today(fresh, non-cooked salads) however spring from Italy.

Now that you have an overview of the salad itself; lets go through the ingredients of my particular salad.

1. Romaine Lettuce- lettuce was originally a weed and was cultivated my ancient Egyptians into a food. The word "romaine" comes from what you might imagine: Roman.

2. Goat Cheese- first marketed in France.

3. Kidney Beans- originated from Peru and was introduced to the Americas by India.

4. Crushed Tortilla Chips- tortillas came from Mexicans; but actual tortilla chips were popularized in Los Angeles.

5. Dried Chow Mein Noodles- China.

6. Ranch Croutons-  Italy and France. Ranch, the flavor of my croutons was developed in Alaska and popularized in California.

7.  Caesar dressing- the Romans.

8. Vidalia Onion Dressing- unknown.

So all in all the following cultures(12 to be exact) were represented in my salad: The Romans, Ancient Greece, Italy, Ancient Egyptians, France, Peru, India, Mexico, Los Angeles, China, Alaska, and California

Hopefully this study on my salad has been entertaining to you.

Hi everyone.  I'm new here and also to google plus.  Nice to meet you.

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Suicides among veterans and soldiers is at epidemic levels. Why?

Interestingly this epidemic cannot be put down to the horrors of going into combat - As many of these veterans NEVER made it into combat!

#VeteranSuicideRates #Suicide #HumanExperimentation  

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Here are some cool facts that you '''''''PROBABLY''''' didn't know about Nintendo, which includes history,  facts and general knowledge about the company, HAVE FUN.

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The more you use it, the better it becomes. Like muscles, it also has a fatigue threshold. Again, just like muscles, memory can be sharpened for specific tasks.

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because the spirit is vast and untamable, and the boundaries of the body are just physical. I’m not allowed to speak, for the darkness I touch is turned into light...

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Thanks for the invite...  you might not know Mary Jane Kelly
Her claim to fame; she was the last victim of the illusive Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer, who stalked Whitechapel in London from August to early November 9, 1888. She became the monsters fifth victim, she was from Irish decent, twenty-five years old and poorer than a church mouse. 
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