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I started a new blog focused on Japanese culture, Art, and film

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A new music video I made. The music is Japanese inspired

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Festival of Hikawa Shrine / 品川・氷川神社大神輿渡御巡行, Shinagawa , Tokyo, taking place right now!!  Mikoshi (a carrying-shrine made for the divine to go out of the main shrine) is carried out to parade along the district.  The parade continues until 6 p.m. when the Mikoshi returns to the main shrine.  Fine, dry weather would surely be good for enjoying this festival and taking pics if you're near!!

The route of the Mikoshi parade is as the map shows.

Head for Yamate Dori around Gotanda.
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Anyone here play the 篠笛 (Shinobue Flute)?

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[Saionji Net.]
I rewrote the story of miracles which I updated on Facebook with new photos and another miracle that happened on another day!!
I even found a Kabuto-mushi / a rhinoceros beetle for the first time in my life!

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<New Article On Saionji Net.>

The title is some kind of a mischievous but I listed up interesting Japanese words which is used the word "smelly" in but there is no meaning of the smell. I listed up, moreover, some of the Japanese culture and traditional customs which are endangered to be abandoned. 
You will also find quite a surprise at the end of the article...

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<New Article On Saionji Net.>

Historical play of Kabuki or Visual Kei?
Beautiful Ukiyo-e or Anime?
Beautiful women in kimono in a tea ceremony or Kyari pamyu pamyu?
A high-speed railway, Shinkansen which runs at a speed of 240–320 km/h (150–200 mph) with no delay or a pulled rickshaw in Asakusa?
A small red bridge in countryside or Tokyo Gate Bridge?
They are all in Japan...
Here is my own analysis on why Japan had two extreme things...

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Does this music remind anyone of anywhere specific in #Japan?

I enjoy using various #Japanese scales when I make #music including the #Ryukyu scale.

Hello, everyone! This community is growing little by little, thank you!
Now I would like to know a little bit about you.
Can and tell me why you started to get interested in Japan and your experience in/with Japan? 

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Anyone here like music with traditional #Japanese instruments?
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