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"Season 1- House of Secrets"

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"Chapter 1- Pilot"
As I walk down the muddy grounds my soul fights at war trying to choose rather Im a angel or a demon. This new generation ain't for traders. Where am I?... Who am I?...

"mother please... If you hear me Lead me to the house of secrets... Please help me wash my sins away"

In the time that human race began we as the people didn't know what or how we saw this coming. We been living in fear for centuries ever since god himself tolled his children a secret, but he only tolled 6 of his favorites to hold a dark secret, and when that time comes humans will have a better life than what's happening now. God himself held the secret brave young children by his side. They were known for being call the Age of Shadows, and that name had a creed that they will never have children, because it will pass on a unbreakable trust and human extinction will be gone for ever,but that's what god's children disagreed at... One of god's children named lily, the unknown daughter of Adam and eve, stood out from everyone else and had a daughter at the age 13. She disappointed god and the Age of Shadows. She broke the code of honor and everything that she stood for. That next day she was being sentence to death, but they first had to cut out her baby leave her to rot. Lily then was put into flame and was forced to be forgotten by god himself. Lily death was in vain but her spirit reach out in enough time to give her daughter a gift and a name. First she gave her the kiss of immortality, and a beautiful name (Blue Ivy). Her mother than faded away with disappointment and sadness. (Ivy) grew up with no hunger, and confusion for years, and she grew up not knowing that she was banish to go to the house of god or pray for forgiveness, so now she goes hunting to finish out what her mother started. She lurks around to seek revenge on the Age of Shadows members, and the god himself.

"Until we meet again Mother..."

R U L E S:
. Use proper grammar
. No use of language
. Keep the story clean
. Make the story a actual story
. make sure you Ask
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