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V2 Proto: A closer look

Hi guys, I'm running into an issue that's new and perplexing. Yesterday I was running a job on my mill. It's a fairly small job with short gcode. I was using bcnc as the host. I ran the job twice and all went fine. The 3rd time the program started, executed 15 lines of gcode and stopped moving. The spindle stays on. I don't have any error messages. I thought maybe the gcode file became corrupted so I generated it again within fusion and ran it. It also stopped at 15 lines and the spindle continued. Any thoughts on what I should be checking? Btw, I'm running the latest cnc smoothie firmware. Thanks.
Update: I get this in the python.exe:
Exception in thread Thread-2:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Python27\lib\", line 754, in run
self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)
File "C:\bCNC-master\", line 853, in serialIO
File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\pyserial-3.4-py2.7.egg\serial\", line 323, in write
raise writeTimeoutError
SerialTimeoutException: Write timeout

Sounds like an issue with the serial communications timing out. Probably a PC issue??

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Hi peoples,
I am trying to setup rs485 to my Huanyang VFD and have followed the instructions given on the wiki but am not getting any pulses out of the smoothie board. I have a 'smoothieboard V1.0a' and have updated the firmware to build edge-24da5ce.

I am monitoring with my CRO with 1V horiz div and 25us vert div.
-> 3.3V is good
-> rx is 0V and no pulses when M3 S3000 or M5 sent
-> tx is 3.3V and no pulses when M3 S3000 or M5 sent

config is setup exactly as shown on wiki:
spindle.type modbus # set the spindle type to modbus/RS485
spindle.vfd_type huanyang # set the VFD type, this is necessary because each inverter uses its own commands
spindle.rx_pin 2.6 # TX pin for the soft serial
spindle.tx_pin 2.4 # RX pin for the soft serial
spindle.dir_pin 2.5 # RS485 is only half-duplex, so we need a pin to switch between sending and receiving

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Has anyone used a filament run out detector to pause smoothieware? If so, could you share how you did it?

Hi folks,

I wanted to implement grid probing with a bltouch today on a cartesian printer.
I noticed the following:
My alpha_min is -9, my probe offset in x direction from the nozzle is 41mm.
Therefore, the probe is unable to reach the far left side ob the bed but the carriage is trying to reach it. This causes lost steps and a false positioning.

Is there a way to manually set the probing points and / or range?

This is my leveling strategy section:
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.enable true
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.x_size 200
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.y_size 200
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.size 7

leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.tolerance 0.03
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.do_home false
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.probe_offsets 41,20,0 true
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.initial_height 10
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.human_readable true
mm_per_line_segment 1

Thanks in advance

Hi, anyone interested about using TMC2130 and TMC2208 Trinamic stepper motor drivers with smoothieware? There are two pull requests that require testing before being merged on edge branch. Any help will be appreciated.




I have a cr10 s400. Have just fitted an sbase board and this is my first venture into smoothie.I am having trouble with y axis shift. In marlin I turned jerk down to 5 and acceleration down to a few hundred, but I cant quite figure out how to do this in smoothie. I have set junction deviation down to 0.005 and acceleration down to 500 but still getting shift. What am I missing? Thanks in advance

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