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Name: Miku Ackerman

Known as: Miku the Killer

Kills: two entire family's

Looks: White sweatshirt, Black leggings, Black flats, Black hair, and a very Large Butcher Knife

Weapon: A very Large Butcher Knife

Friends: Jeff the killer, Ticci Toby, Clockwork, Bloody painter, and Slender man

Enemies: Jane the Killer, Nina the Killer, Sally, and Suicide Sadie

Like: Blood, Dark colors, Emo bands, and Bloody Painter

Dislikes: Bright colors


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You see me drawing something and one closer inspection you see I'm copying the 8 pages
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Who hear would go crazy and kill every one if you're best friend died

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Thread head is the name

Has extreme monophobia love to draw and listen to rock music

Her thread is unbreakable and only she can get rid of it

The thread comes out of her head as in the name

To kill she comes in at night gag and ristran the victim taking them to her basement and using the thread to make them bleed to

Hates people who are loud and won't shut up

Never make her mad or else


You guys can create your own Creepypasta! Just have fun....(sits in the corner looking at pictures of Slenderman, Homicidal Liu, Jeff the Killer, and Ben Drowned)

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Name: Ticci Toby

Kills: killed his father and four little kids... from what I know XD

Friends: Jeff the killer, Theresa (the one next to him) smile dog, and Slenderman and Chara

Likes: Music, Being with his friends, the dark.

Dislikes: His real father, being reminded that his sister died
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