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Pop-up Event: Digital Identity & CustomerTech in Real Estate

Carpe Diem: WED, 6/28/17, 4-9pm
CIC, One Broadway, Cambridge, MA

What if consumers managed their own digital identities using Blockchain or something else? How would that change the real estate ecosystem and can #ConsumerTech deliver BILLIONS annually in consumer savings?

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Last year, RE2020 used to invite both consumers and real estate innovators to cocreate the agenda for our first experimental real estate unconference in Boston. That event took months to plan and proposed sessions across Top 20 categories. In contrast, this pop-up event is being produced in 24 hours; and will focus on Digital Identity and CustomerTech in a Real Estate with special guest Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy, see @Dsearls on Twitter.

Like our original unconference, we're asking participants online / offline to:

1. Vote for topics they'd like to see discussed in 15 minute flash sessions;

2. Propose sessions or demos related to digital identity and CustomerTech,

3. Seed working groups by topic and help crowdfund solutions.

Cast your VOTE for flash topics before 4pm; share link below via social media:

This event is the second in a series of quarterly events before the National Association of Realtors hosts their annual convention in Boston, November 2018.

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Invite comment on this excerpt from Inman News / Brad Inman post:

From this moment on, nothing will be the same in real estate
Well-funded internet entrepreneurs are focused on homesellers with a powerful partner -- Wall Street

"8. Real estate companies must begin to differentiate themselves on speed and efficiency. Digital marketing will become less important as “the process” becomes the advantage."

@RealEstateCafe comment:

Smart technology is only as good as the assumptions built into them and the history of boom / bust cycles reveals blind spots that are painfully obvious in retrospect.

When speed replaces prudence -- the value added by agents who exercise their fiduciary duties without blinders imposed by conflicts of interest, then we're in trouble.

Compare today's Facebook / social media driven behavioral expectations to Nobel-prize winning economist Robert Shiller's analysis of overheated markets 25+ years ago, and you may conclude that speed is not only overrated but potentially dangerous.

As the market corrects, processes that lack the ability to deliver prudence & protection will be exposed as predators.

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Inspiring interview with Ralph Nader, repeated references to "Rumble from the people" underlines the foundation of democracy -- "We the people."

Eager to learn how to make a "formal summons to elected officials to attend DIY town meetings where people set the agenda." Invite housing activists, real estate change agents and anyone suffering from the affordable housing crisis to expand on this idea starter:

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S.O.S: Ralph says it only takes 1% to change the system; but for me, it will take a ride share from Boston / Cambridge to Rowe Center today (as the Peter Pan bus does not leave Boston till 5:30pm).

CALL TO ACTION: If you're tired of BLIND bidding wars and other games real estate agents play, ready for a David vs Goliath battle against the real estate cartel?

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"Real estate is the Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement," can you help this crowdfunding campaign go viral? Retweet link:

Or share #RE2020's bold money-saving goals -- $30 BILLION annually -- with anyone who's house hunting:

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Are you a Millennial or first-time homebuyers in an overheated urban housing market? Following housing predictions for 2017? How do you feel about this #DysTrumpian prediction by the publisher of Inman News, a leading real estate tech site?

"Luxury housing market recovers, ...

With a U.S. President who earned his billions in luxury real estate, the high-end market will have a revival as rich people who have been hoarding their cash and hiding out from the redistributionists will tiptoe back into the market."

The wealth gap is real (just ask the National Association of Realtors Chief Economist), and it's just a matter of time before it becomes a drag on real estate. Listen to this NPR talk show today for a primer on Income Inequality's Past, Present And Pending Future and let us know if you'd like to talk about #HousingJustice or #DefensiveHomebuying

#RealEstate #Millennial #LuxuryRealEstate #PredictRE2017 #Housing #Inequality #WealthGap

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Glad to attend the Agency Disclosure Form Working Group meeting today at the Mass. Association of Realtors. As an observer, did not speak or engage in the spirited editing process. Did share my thoughts on the future of fiduciary duties in real estate afterwards with 3 or 4 people left in the room and send these notes to the meeting chair.

Pre-meeting scratch pad notes

As per Mass RE Board, today's meeting = form only, design not substance of form but still "word smithing" -- agency working groups word.

My perspective

Existing disclosure = Obsolete


1. Apps able to look at months of email to Predictive leads

2. RE sites track every click online

3. FCC ruling re personal data

Four levels of reform

0. Informed consent

1. Form: more than print appearance, mobile app & online overdue

2. Video explainers

3. SmartContract = Fiduciary First

Fiduciary reform movement out of National coalition, six year effort


Infomediary / Information Fiduciary coming, lets build into next generation disclosure

Have you seen Castle Doctrine, Realtors @CRTLabs in Chicago seemed to like, want to be in the right side of SmartHome privacy

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FIDUCIARY REFORM: Shot that will be heard round the real estate world -- and celebrated by exclusive buyer agents and consumer advocates. Beginning of fiduciary reform movement in real estate?

Here are my favorite excerpts from decision by the Supreme Court of California, what are yours?

"As a practical matter, it is unclear how a corporate brokerage like Coldwell Banker would fulfill its fiduciary disclosure duties as a dual agent under the rule that defendants advance."

"Defendants argue that if salespeople owe precisely the same duties as their employers, then buyers and sellers would not have the benefit of the 'undivided loyalty of an exclusive salesperson,' and, worse, '[s]alespersons would have a duty to harm their original client by disclosing to the other side confidential information about the client‘s motivations or the salesperson‘s beliefs.' These are significant concerns, but they are also concerns inherent in dual agency, whether at the salesperson or the broker level."

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TweetUp to hear Doc Searls at Harvard, get update on IIW & #Consensus2016?

The pace of world class conferences that could impact real estate has been overwhelming recently, and will continue through May 2016. Should we use Doc Searls visit to Harvard's Berkman Center, 4:30-6:30pm today to catch-up? Doc convenes #VRM Day & #IIW twice a year.

You can learn more about and sign-up for Doc's today's event at:

VOTE on Tweeting up today via #RE2020 group on Loomio:

#RE2020 #Blockchain #ConsumerProtection #DisruptRE #RealEstate #RETech #RECALL

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We're curating a cross-sector group to participate in this P2P / C2B2C real estate unconference. If you'd like to apply to participate, request an invite:

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Approximately 18 months ago, the kick-off presentation at REBarCampBOS, an B2B unconference, detailed approximately 20 ways "Real Estate is Broken." Attendees were then invited to join this Facebook group to do something about it.

That conversation has largely died out, despite the Realtor's publication of their own

Our series of ‪#‎RE2020‬ unconferences will broaden that conversation; and focus it not just on the industry's problems, but larger problems in society and ask "Where the real estate ecosystem will be in the year 2020?" As consumer advocates, our goal is to deliver billions in consumers savings but we also believe the real estate professionals will continue to play a role as new players and emerging trends "disrupt" the traditional industry. If you agree and would like to participate, visit the link in the Tweet below and share some or all of the 140 characters via your own social media
#RE2020 Unconference = Cross-sector approach to recreate ‪#‎realestate‬ ecosystem by 2020. Join online or @ImpactHubBOS

For Updates, follow #RE2020 on @RealEstateCafe

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