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5:00 PM Tuesday-- Ballroom Dancing THIS WEEK: The Juliet Letters: Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet

The Juliet Letters is the 14th studio album by the British rock singer and songwriter Elvis Costello, released on compact disc as Warner Brothers 45180. The entire instrumental backing is provided by The Brodsky String Quartet. Costello described the album as "a song sequence for string quartet and voice and it has a title. It's a little bit different. It's not a rock opera. It's a new thing."

Join Freda and Hex in The Ballroom for some great music and lively conversation.

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(IW) Writers, Artists, Musicians Chat
11:30 AM every other tuesday
Come to listen, come to chat. The discussion takes us where it takes us.

Its been a long long time since i went to inworldz
i rezz at a sandbox as a cloud change av,hair clothes etc even try character no luck still a puff of smoke

i ask a few if they could help but i guess they don't help anyone LOL no one paid attention so i hope someone can guide me here?? cross fingers.

Hello I'm at sandbox trying to get to a place where i can get a deruthed avatar i change everything i still can get my avi back
I sent I'm to the avis near me no one answers.

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Can we post a hiring ad here???

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Please vote for Gabriel da Silva (Gabryel Nyoki) and get him to number one of this month. You can vote every hour with your faccebook acount untill the end of this month and help him so he can release his album.
He stands firm at number 2 this month, come one girls and guys let's show the world what a great community we are in virtual worlds.


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