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How many hours of learning per class do you expect by students outside of face to face time?  This is NOT homework, but Personal Learning Time.
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15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

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How did this Flex Mod Summit go? I would love a review/reflection. How many attended? What were the topics discussed with included information? What takeaways were from discussions? If there is one and I missed it, please include a link. Thank you! #flexmod

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This doesn't happen as easily in a 7-8 period day! It does, however, happen in a #flexmod schedule.

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I was able to describe the flex mod schedule during the interview with +Kelly Croy The flex mod discussion starts at the 46:00 mark!

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At our first ever media day, we invited area television and radio stations in for a look at the flexible schedule at Pulaski High School in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Credit: Tony Bettack of WTCH, Shawano, Wisconsin for the featured piece.

We are full steam ahead with flex mod and making great progress on our campus. One question I am now beginning to wrap my head around is what do we do with 9th graders? We are wanting to limit ILT for freshmen and have them involved in SLT. Has there been any success with this type of endeavor? What does it take to make it successful?

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One of Three Things Happens To All Educational Information Acquired In A Learning Environment

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A designed lesson utilizing all of the phases of a #flexmod  schedule: large group, labs, small group.  See how we are teaching an entire chapter in a flex mod schedule.  

Hello Colleagues!

Our High School is seriously looking at moving to a flex mod schedule for the upcoming school year. We are getting a late start on implementation, but I believe it is worth the work to get done. We desire for time to serve our students instead of our students serving time!

I am in this group to glean as much as I can. I am love the concept, but I need to know more about the the behind the scenes things like building a master schedule :-). I am a quick study, but I can find very little on the best practices on the topic of building a master schedule in Flex Mod Scheduling. I am open to phone calls, google hangouts, emails...

I know everyone has a lot going on this time of year, but I am hopeful that someone will be willing to share...soon. is my direct email.

Many great ideas are in this society about the logistics of running a flex mod schedule. I truly would love to start focusing on "how to teach" in a flex mod schedule. For those teachers new to the flex mod, teaching the same lessons "with only slight modifications" from traditional schedules is not always a successful strategy. If you are a teacher, and you have time, I would strongly encourage you to provide successful strategies for large groups, labs (traditional class time frames), and/or small groups that have worked for you. It would be a tremendous help for all teachers teaching in the flex mod schedule. In advance, thank you!
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