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Moonshine: Can I join Shadowclan?
Tigerstar: please. you'll never be accepted In this amazing clan.

name: Moonshine
gender: she cat
age: 14 moons
mate: none
dad: Tigerstar-dead
mom: Snowy (rogue Firestar met on journey to Skyclan)
brother: Claw-dead
sister: Shimmerpool-dead
half brothers: Hawkfrost Brambleclaw
half sisters: Mothwing Tawnypelt
bio: use to be a lonor. she is haunted by her father and a great pleasure to be by when father isn't in control. usually kind and wouldn't hurt a cat in danger. feared by predators (not twolegs) and fears what she is becoming. would be an amazing mentor when in control. loves and helps care for kits. she often forgets to sheath her claws when training with clan mates. respects her leader (well not some choices they make) and (sometimes) Starclan. her image can change to look like tigerstar sometimes but its rare.
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Name: Lightningstar
Rank: leader
Gender: male
Clan: Starclan
Age: 23
Bio: he's father was Lionblaze and mother was Dovewing and she's grey with orange eyes and turn to green when emotions happen

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Can i join riverclan?

Name: Echoleaf
Age: 23 moons
Rank: warrior
Gender: she-cat
Looks: silver tabby with black stripes, bright golden eyes.
Extra: has a kit named Hopkit (a golden tabby with black stripes, liquid-green eyes, tom, 2 moons)

Spiritstar looks for her deputy, Leafdapple.

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This is a cat for Maile Noble.
Name: Pantherstar
Age: 19 moons
Clan: IceClan
Rank: Leader

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Here is a cat that I made for Lily Griffin. Why do I always make better cts for other people than I do myself?

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Name: Silverwing
Age: 30 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Sunclan
Bio: guardian?? is dat ok?

(pretend that pic is silverwing not pebblekit)

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Name: Hunter
Rank: Loner
Age: ???

Name: Shape
Rank: Kittypet

Name: Dubstep
Rank : Kittypet

Name: Spirit
Rank: Loner

Name: Galaxy
Rank: Loner

Name: Rainbowpelt
Rank: Medicine Cat
Clan: BlossomClan

Name: Black Rainbow
Rank: Loner
Bio: Has been trapped in a rainbow stone for centuries, causing her color change.

Name: Zebrapelt
Rank: Warrior
Clan: BlossomClan
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Les anyone here know a good warrior Cats Creator?

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Name: Bramblekit
Age: 3 moons
Clan: HeavenClan
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