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Blur - A Launcher Replacement

Glad you decided to try out our launcher! This community is for all things Blur, whether that is discussion, homescreens, feature requests, bugs, or official announcements.

I will try to keep this post relatively short, but here is just some basic info about the app and things to note. There are also a ton of links in the community description that could be helpful to you!

Current Version
The current version is 1.1.1 (No beta available). Find the release post and changelog here:

Frequently Asked Questions
We have put quite a bit of work into the "Frequent Questions" section of this app. Before asking us a question, please, please, please, check them out. Sometimes the volume for our apps can be overwhelming and a lot to keep up with! This will help us out as well as you.

To find these questions:
1.) Long click an open space on the launcher and open settings.
2.) Head to the help section of settings.
3.) Open up the "Frequent Questions" section and click the title of the item you want to read about.

Klinker Apps Extensions
1.) EvolveSMS Page:
    - You just need to install the EvolveSMS app from the play store and it will show up under the Page Picker on the launcher
    - Download link:

2.) Talon for Twitter Page:
    - Install Talon for Twitter from the Play Store:

    - Install the Talon (Blur Launcher Page) from the Play Store:

    - Talon will now show up under the Page Picker

Applying Extensions
Applying pages to your launcher
1.) Long click an empty space on the homescreen, then press settings.
2.) Go to the page picker, and just hit the add button on an open page (swipe left and right to get to other pages)
3.) Next time you return to your homescreen, it will restart itself and the pages will be there!

Applying cards to the "Blur Info Page"
1.) Add the info page to your launcher with the above steps
2.) Go back to settings and click the card picker button
3.) Pressing the "Add Card" button on that screen will then bring up a list of all the available cards

Unread Badge Support (Requires Android 4.3+)
They are currently housed under the "Experimental Settings" section of the app because they are very new. You can get to this section from the 3-Dot overflow menu in settings.  There you will find information about how it works and steps to getting them going.

Here are some steps to get it enabled:
1.) Install "Blur - Unread":
2.) Go to "Experiment Settings" and enable the "Unread Badges" setting.
3.) Click on the notification listener option and enable the "Blur - Unread" listener.
4.) Return to your homescreen, it will restart and counts will begin to appear as they come in.

You can note the "Known Bugs" section under Experimental Settings as well.

Developer/API Support
Blur comes with some pretty awesome APIs. But how do they work? We have made a pretty extensive readme on our APIs GitHub page. Here is a link to that:

Along with the apis, we have links to some open source projects that will probably be of interest to you. Check out the very basic "Hello World" examples first, I would use these as a base for any cards or pages you make. Just change the package and start with your coding/customization :)

When you start to understand the in's and out's of the APIs (it is really just fragments and views), then check out the more advanced examples. There are some custom cards (weather, next alarm, and next event) packaged with the Info Page source code. There is also the simple calculator page that has been made available and open source.

The info page is a great place to learn about dealing with custom layouts within your project and the calculator page is just a more advanced generic page.

Please note that compiling the example extra pages (info and calculator) isn't enough to get them to run on the launcher. They are set up to be packaged within Blur, so they do not have the correct manifest tags to be found from the page or card picker in their current state.

Hope you enjoy _Blur - A Launcher Replacement_

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Saw this and figured I would share it here. 
Ultimate Material Lollipop Wallpaper Collection 😉

Thanks to everyone who made and share these wonderful wallpapers,... all Thumps up! 👍👍😉
Ultimate Material Lollipop Collection
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Need an option to hide conversion headers from evolve SMS page. I have it set to "Theme defaults" in my evolve SMS app, but it's Still displayed in evolve SMS page. It hides the top most message in a conversation. So please provide an option to hide the conversation header in evolve SMS page. Thanks.

+Luke Klinker​ is it possible to add subgrid positioning in future updates?

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There's a huge gap at the bottom of the screen. OnePlus One stock CM11S
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Finally ready to take the wraps off of my newest app, Source! Head over to the beta community and check it out now. Its fully Blur compatible, of course :)

If it isn't live on the Play Store for you yet, it will be within the next hour or so!! Enjoy!

All your news, all in one place.

Source is a beautiful, smooth news reader app that takes all of the information you want and puts it in one place! It pulls articles from different services such as Twitter lists, RSS, Google+ and Feedly to give you all of the most up to date news that you are looking for. You can easily sign in to any of these services that you want to use and start personalizing your content to fit your needs, or you can choose from the default list of sources.

- Beautiful, simple, and smooth user interface you'll love
- Tons of theming and color options to make make the app personalized to your favorite look
- Android Wear support to read your news right on your wrist
- Blur launcher support so that Source is just a swipe away on your launcher
- Twitter, RSS, Google+ and Feedly integration to find all of your favorites, all in one place

Please note, this is a beta release for Source, once the full version is ready it will contain in app purchases. Until that point, enjoy it for free! Also, there's no tablet layout yet, so don't ask. :)

Currently, only Twitter lists are supported in this beta.

How to download:
1) Join this community:
2) Click the following link to opt into the beta:
3) Download the app:

You may need to wait a few hours after opting into the beta to be able to see the app on the play store and download it, just be aware!

This has been a really fun project for me and is now by far the most used app on my phone, even over EvolveSMS, so enjoy! I tried to put my own little, beautiful spin on material design.


Source isn't finished yet and there is still a ton that I need to do. Hopefully I'll have time to get it all done quickly, but with school and other commitments I'm not making any promises on a timeframe, just letting everyone know what I think I will be bringing in the future to the app.

1) RSS articles
2) Tablet support
3) Feedly support
4) Google+ support
5) IAPs for Twitter and Feedly
6) Promo video

Also, there are still some bugs that I have to fix, mostly with loading data from certain sites. If you find a site that does not work well, feel free to post a link to an article and I will see what I can do to fix it.

None of my widgets seem to refresh or update on my Blur home, but do on other launchers homepages. 

Small bug, that the calendar don't show the today's date it is just stuck on 31st. Nova launcher so today's date. If this is not a bug plz add this feature 

Well most of us will want this feature.
Add search button in the top right corner in the app drawer. It may overlay the top row last icon but that's OK 

Is there a way to change an app icon to an icon from a icon pack that I have installed but I'm not using it on the launcher? Right now, I can change app icons but only using the icon pack I used to theme the launcher. I like to mix a few different icon packs.
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