A few rules for our community.
Welcome everyone, here's a few rules we'd like everyone to follow, so to help make this place a high quality community.

1/ First and most important rule: please post only your photos and ONLY your best work. We try to keep the  quality high in this community and besides remember: you are as good as your worst photo is. So keep the ones you are not sure of hidden, unless you want a critique for them and if so please post them in the “Critique” category with the express request for feedback (remember, the feedback will be honest critique). Same stands for your architectural work: you can share your design work here (drawings, blueprints etc.), but please choose only the best of it.
2/ Please post only up to 2 photos per day (or posts),  so we can have a variety of content and give all a fair and equal chance to exposure.
3/ Except for posting your work here, please also comment on other artists posts, letting them know what you think about their work. They will surely appreciate it and that's how a community works. We need dialogue to make it real.
4/ When you post to “Introduce yourself” category please take a moment to say a few words about yourself so we can get to know each other better.
6/ Please refrain from posting content that falls under the category of advertising or spam. Pure advertising links or spam messages will be removed without further explanation.
7/ Do not post only external links but also a photo to sustain your post.  
8/ If you need to post a link to other site please explain why you post it and give a short brief of the content. 
9/ And last, but no least, please  share your posts inside the adequate category (you can find them on the left side of the layout, under the community's profile picture), so we can all  find the right posts in the right places. When you don't know where to post, do it in the “General” category. Posts shared repeatedly in wrong categories will be removed.

Enjoy your time here!

Your moderators,
Julia Anna Gospodarou & Joel Tjintjelaar
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