Hi +David Chandler , what about this warning ? warning: Supported source version 'RELEASE_6' from annotation processor 'com.turbomanage.storm.apt.MainProcessor' less than -source '1.7'

Hi +David Chandler , I have a problem with listByExample(), it seems it doesn't works with two parameters

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Hi +David Chandler , do you use some trick to view database in AndroidStudio or in device ? I see this solution but with our Orm is not applicable http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28220636/view-sqlite-database-on-device-in-android-studio

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I've finally released storm-gen 1.0 with the new baseDaoClass annotation contributed by +Alexander Gherschon (and documented in the project's main README). Now available in Maven Central. I'll be speaking on it tomorrow at the Denver Droids meetup if you happen to be in the area.

Hello David! Do you know when the next release (which contains attribute baseDaoClass of the @Entity annotation) will be available?  I've seen that version 0.99 does not include it. Thanks in advance! 

I ask for advice on how to perform an update:

private String data;
i have that var in a Entity. 0.97 works fine. in 0.99 i must change the name of var.

how can I change name without loss user data?

auto generated code use much deprecated methods. can you upgrade to new methods?

latest ADT 23.0.2 have a bug, disappear ANNOTATION PROCESSING and APT... :( 

Hi +David Chandler  ! I see updated 0.99 on github but it have order by update ? I don't understand it

Hi, David. Thank you very much for this great software!

Can you explain how to setup storm-gen-0.99 in Eclipse? I have used v0.97 in my applications before, but I am not able to setup v0.99. Looks like the setup guide has changed? I have put the storm-api-0.99.jar in the libs folder, and added storm-impl-0.99.jar as well as freemarker.jar and persistence-api.jar to the Annotation Processing Factory Path. Eclipse gives error (com/turbomanage/storm/exception/TypeNotSupportedException) when building the project.
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