Hey guys,

I thought this week was pretty easy. I wish I had gotten to dig a bit deeper in the extra Ruby challenges, but got a bit sidetracked with life stuff. In other news, Friday was my last day of work! So glad to be done and to focus on DBC full-time, on-site is going to be awesome!

I'm hoping to use my free time this upcoming week to get all my reading done. What last minute prep are you guys going to do?

Can't wait to meet you both in person soon!

Hey Alex and Angie, this week was pretty chill in terms of the work load. I've been using the extra time to pack and settle everything here in LA before I move. I'll probably use this next week to finish the rest of those ruby challenges, as well as reading up a bit more on OO design and Enumerable's in Well Grounded Rubyist. I'm also definitely going vamp up my blogs and website with some JS. What are you guys going to use the next week for?

Checking in for this week. I spent a lot of time on Ruby this week. I did all the DBC Ruby challenges and did a bunch of the challenges on Rubeque. I feel like I have a better understanding of the methods and logic of Ruby. I would really recommend the Rubeque challenges if you guys have time.

Are you guys coming to the meet and greet next weekend? I'm looking forward to finally meeting you guys in person!

Hey guys, this week has been pretty difficult for me. The challenges themselves weren't bad, except for the one where you design your own game. I'm having some serious difficulty getting my java script and jquery code to play nice. I've found that it's very different to code in pure javascript running it locally than it is to to code for an application in the browser. I've made so many mistakes along the way and just keep finding more. I know that I don't actually have to go this far with using the DOM in our game, but I'm really determined to get this thing working! But yeah besides all that this week wasn't too bad. 

Hey guys, hope you both had a great weekend!
My biggest complaint about this week with JavaScript is that most of what we do is done in Node and not the browser. I found myself starting to criticize the language a bit until I started reading the JavaScript and JQuery book and really saw how much cool stuff you can do in the browser. Though we are just beginners with the language and likely need the background that this week provides, I thought DBC should have done a better job of demonstrating all the cool stuff you can do in the browser.
Other than that, I had a good time with my game this week. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I wish there was a better way of interacting with the user in Node (kind of like 'gets.chomp' in Ruby). 

Checking in for this week's accountability challenge. This week was the hardest for me out of all the weeks so far. I think this is because I have no prior experience with Javascript. Also, I was out of town visiting my family and didn't have my Javascript book with me to reference. I did the codeacademy course along with some other reading in order to complete the challenges. Now that I am home, I have started reading the Javascript and JQuery book, which is really helping my understanding of Javascript. I think I'll be fine, I've just had to do more this week since the concepts are new to me. I'm going to try to finish reading the textbook before we get onsite to make sure I am prepared.

How are you guys doing this week?

Hey Angie, I just did my first portion (person 2) of the group project. I hope my pseudo code isn't too bad to follow, have fun!


Hi guys, hope you are both having a great week so far.

Since I am person 1 in our Accountability Group, I got the first part of the group challenge done today.

We are only a group of three, so I pass this portion onto Andrew. Andrew passes to Angie. Angie passes back to Andrew. Andrew passes back to me. Seems like a pretty straight-forward challenge, but let me know if you have any questions.

Andrew, here is the link to my portion of the challenge: https://github.com/Aheinen/phase-0-unit-3/blob/master/week-7/group-project/my_solution.js

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Hey Angie and Alex, so this week's reading was pretty thought provoking for me, and it sounds like you guys found it so too. Alex, like you said, I've been having trouble as well determining just how fine-grained to go when writing methods. I get that we're supposed to keep them to performing only a single purpose, but what happens if that requires more than 5 lines of code? Should we then break it apart further? Where do you draw that line? Also, my "public interface" always ends up consisting of like 1 or 2 methods, unless there's driver code included with the challenge that specifically suggests other methods we are to use in our classes.  I'm kind of hoping to see examples to gauge these concepts off of.
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