*Okay, this week's roleplay is going to be special for a friend of mine. Today is +Nicky Bloo's birthday (make sure to wish him a happy birthday), so I want to do a roleplay where everyone is celebrating Nick's birthday. Hope you enjoy this week's roleplay.

Two days before Nick's birthday in Dimension 23, Sonic is just chilling around playing Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U when Laurel the Cat comes in with exciting news.
Laurel: Sonic, Sonic! Guess what?
Sonic: What? Is David and Gene finally getting married?
Laurel: No and I wish, but I just got word that one of my subscribers birthday's is coming up!
Sonic: Really? Who?
Laurel: Nick!
Sonic: Awesome! That's exciting news!
Laurel: I know right! I cannot wait!
Sonic: Wait! What're we going to get him for his birthday?
Laurel: Oh, you're right! I. . . I really don't know.
Sonic: Well, we gotta think of something cause his birthday is only. . . Uh, when is his birthday?
Laurel: In two days.
Sonic: Two days?! Dang it! What're we going to do, Laurel?!
Laurel: starts thinking of a plan until she comes up with an idea. I've got it! We'll have a surprise birthday party for Nick and we'll invite all of our friends.
Sonic: That's a great idea, Laurel! We'll host the party in Zootopia.
Laurel: Great idea, Sonic! It'll be at the ZPD cause he works there along with Judy Hopps.
Sonic: Who's she?
Laurel: Have you seen Zootopia, Sonic? Judy is an officer cop at the ZPD. suddenly, she came up for a birthday present for Nick. That's it! Sonic, I came up for a present to get for Nick. she whispered in Sonic's ear.
Sonic: high fives Laurel. I love it! We better get everyone contacted about this birthday party for Nick.
Laurel: Right! No time to waste!

Two days later at the ZPD, everyone gathered up to help celebrate Nick's birthday. Laurel and Sonic invited David, Gene, Corey, Sparks, Sonic (from the 76 Dimension), Seanic, Judy, Finnick, and Diddy Kong.
Judy: This is going to be the best birthday ever! Thanks for inviting me guys!
Sonic: No problem, Officer Hopps.
Judy: Please, just call me Judy.
Sonic: Oh! Sorry about that.
Laurel sees Sonic and Judy talking to each and getting to know each other better. Seanic, is Nick coming yet?
Seanic: No sign of him yet.
Laurel: Dang it!
Gene sees Laurel's discourage face. Is everything alright, Laurel?
Laurel: No, not really.
Gene: Tell me what's wrong?
Laurel: Well. . . looks left and right to make sure no one was listening to the girls, then she whispers to Gene what she has planned.
Gene: gasps. Really?
Laurel smiles and nods.
Gene: Laurel, Nick will be so surprised.
Seanic: Guys! Nick's coming!
Laurel: Everyone, hide! Quickly!
everyone hide under the front desk as Nick entered in the ZPD building.
Nick: Where is everyone? Hello?
Everyone jumped out from the desk. SURPRISE!
Nick: What's going-
Nick: Is this. . . for me?
David: Yep and it was all Laurel and Sonic's idea.
Nick: You two planned this?
Laurel: Yeah.
Nick: Thank you. This is so nice of you.
Laurel: Nick, I have something for you. she motioned Judy over.
Nick: Hey, carrots.
Judy: Hey.
Nick: Is this. . . my birthday present?
Laurel: Nope. Judy, is there something you would like to say to Nick?
Judy: Nick Wilde, I. . . she looks behind her and sees Laurel giving her a thumbs up. I love you.
Nick: surprised. I. . . I love you, too. grabs Judy's hand and they both kissed.
Everyone: Awww!
Sonic: Nice going, Laurel.
Laurel: Thanks.

Happy Birthday, Nicky Bloo!

I forgot about a roleplay today! Sorry guys!

This weeks roleplay revolves around Sonic & Seanic: Mixed-Up Afternoon from +David McInerney. Sonic (Dimension 23) comes running in as he's out of breath and a very worried expression on his face.

Sonic: Laurel! Laurel!
Laurel: What is it, Sonic?
Sonic: This is bad! This is really REALLY bad!
Laurel: How bad are we talking?
Sonic: Like the time those pain in the ass bullies that picked on you during your grade school years and I wanted to slap them in the face bad.
Laurel: UGH! I can't believe you brought that up!
Sonic: Sawwy!
Laurel: Anyways, what's up?
Sonic: Someone uploaded a YouTube video of 76 Sonic puking and it's now a viral hit. Sonic clicks play and Laurel is instantly disgusted by it.
Laurel: Who the hell posted that?!
Sonic: Eggman.
Laurel: clutches her fists Our arch-nemesis did THAT?! What the fuck?!
Sonic: Yeah, I know! I'm pissed off about it too!
Laurel: Give it a thumbs down, NOW!
Sonic: See, here's the thing: I can't. There's no dislike button.
Laurel: What do you mean? Laurel looks at the screen to see there was no dislike button B-B-B-But. . . HOW DID HE SET A VIDEO TO NOT HAVE A DISLIKE BUTTON?!
Sonic: I don't know. Thousands are liking this by the minute and everyone in the comment section are saying that 76 Sonic is a wimp.
Laurel: Did famous YouTube stars saw this and comment on 76 Sonic?
Sonic: Sonic nods his head slowly.
Laurel: Well, shit! We need to force Eggman to take down that video ASAFP!
Sonic: Hold up, Laurel! I know you want to take care of this, but this is 76 Sonic's problem. If he needs backup, he'll contact us. You've just gotta trust him and his brother, Seanic.
Laurel: sighs Okay. I just hope my boyfriend hasn't seen it.
Sonic: I highly doubt he didn't. I'm more worried if Twilight Sparkle seen it.
Laurel: Don't worry, Sonic. Your girlfriend might be disgusted with this as well as we are.

To be continued. . .

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This roleplay contains spoilers to Laurel & Sonic: Defenders of Rio. If you don't want to be spoiled, the I suggested that you don't read this week's roleplay.

Laurel: heads into the hospital with a concerned and worried look on her face. I hope Sonic's okay. sees Seanic in the waiting room. Hey, Seanic.
Seanic: Huh? Oh, hey Laurel.
Laurel: How's Sonic?
Seanic: He's doing fine. Most of the poison is out.
Laurel: Good. she lowers her head and starts feeling her heart breaking.
Seanic: What's wrong?
Laurel: I'm sorry to hear that your brother's in the hospital.
Seanic: Yeah. He scared me because I thought he was going to die.
Laurel: Oh, Seanic.
Seanic: on the verge of tears.
Laurel: Hey, please don't cry. Sonic will be okay, I promise.

This scene from Laurel & Sonic: Defenders of Rio shows a little brother/sister connection towards Laurel & Seanic.

thanks for the invite +soniclaurel 23! :)

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Welcome to the soniclaurel 23 (or SL23 for short) Roleplay Community where basically everyone partakes in different roleplays that I or you, members that join, make up. There is one rule: NOTHING TOO HATEFUL THAT'LL OFFEND PEOPLE OR (I can't believe I'm saying this) SEXUAL POSTS. If I catch anyone doing that, you will be IMMEDIATELY banned from this community. This is where we have fun, not hurt or offend anyone in any way possible. So, if you join this community I'll make you official owners right off the bat and I can't wait to start roleplaying with everyone!

One night at around midnight, Laurel suddenly awakens from a vision of the future.
Laurel: Oh my gosh! This can't happen! Not to Sonic! Not to my best friend! just then, her friend and older brother, David, enters in her room.
David: Is everything alright?
Laurel: No. I had a vision of the future and I'm scared for Sonic.
David: looks concerned Why?
Laurel: I saw Sonic being tortured by this black and red hedgehog with some kind of poison, and no it wasn't a poison dagger. It was some kind of chemical that made Sonic have attacks where he would have a hard time breathing, coughing up blood, and a few quills would fall. I'm scared that Sonic could die from this poison. I don't want my friend that I've known my entire life to die. I don't want to be alone again. starts crying
David: places a hand on Laurel's shoulder Shh. It's okay. If something like that ever happened, we'll do our best to save him before. . . you know what.
Laurel: Do you think Seanic could help?
David: Of course. After all, he is a scientist after all.
Laurel: smiles Thanks, bro. hugs him
David: Well, I'm heading back to bed. You're going to be okay throughout the rest of the night?
Laurel: Yeah. I'll be fine. Night, bro.
David: Night, li'l sis. leaves
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