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Watched the return of the killer shrews last week, this nice little film is the sequel to the classic b movie the killer shrews made 51 years after the original movie , if you haven't seen the original movie you're not going to ' get' the movie, in the first movie a young sea captain stops on a little island to drop off supplies for the team of sciencts who are experimenting on shrews some of which have mutated to the size of dogs and have escaped.
One by one the shrews kill the team who has barricaded them selves in a cabin ,the captain the cutie scientist and her father barely escape by get this turning trash cans over and getting inside them and walking to the boat, the girls crazy ex boyfriend jerry who has tried to kill the captain twice gets scared and stays behind and is presumably eatin by the shrews,this show put the b in b movie and its sequel has done the same,in return of the killer shrews the captain returns to the island of the killer shrews with the crew of a realty TV show , turns out jerry is still alive and now controls the shrews the movie should be called Jerry's revenge. He was a creep in the first movie , but he's now a total psycho eating human that the shrews have killed, setting his killer pets on the camp by the uses of a special whistle.
With several actors from the duke's of hazared there's plenty of in jokes , I just love the scene where jerry trys fighting with the old captain and keeps hurting his hands when he trys to punch him in the face .
John schneider really hams it up with his role as a spoiled realty TV star constinly asking is he should take off his shirt.
And later makes this funny quote "let's go save are dead guys" the captain looking confused ask " how do you save dead guys?"
The special effects aren't the best but a shrew by any other name will still bite you.
This movie is like eating cheesecake its really bad but that's what makes it soooo good.

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