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Name: Serenity Gold

Nickname: Miss Gold, Enity

Symbol: Dragonfly

Age: 16-18

Gender: female

Species: human

Powers: Telepathy (only if close by)
Power weakness: gets a lot of migraines

Fears: Getting or being lost, Loneliness, Being forgotten, touching or of being touched, Being the Center of Attention, heights, Abandonment

Likes: nature, reading, exploring, etc

Dislikes: mean people, bully's, being lost, etc

Personality: bookworm, kindhearted, creative, adventurous, childish, hyperactive, etc

Friends: none

Enemies: none

Bio: As a small girl Serenity had been bullied and left by her father, She had her mother's last name and she never spoke of her father... As a 5 year old Serenity had gotten many migraines not even knowing she was reading others minds until she realized she could do that she thought of it as normal but never told anyone.. Serenity was an adventurous girl that loved to read books and be in nature though she always got so scared when she go lost, thinking she was forgotten as no one came....Serenity was a bright girl that did not want to be forgotten but also did not want to be in the center of attention... The girl got her fears along her way of getting older she was abandoned by her father and her mother always forgot her, sometimes even forgetting she exist..She did not like being touched she was not used to it and wanted nothing of it... And she was scared they would hurt her like her father did before he left...She always felt so lonely and it made her sad but she tried to stay happy being in her own word sometimes it was not nice to hear others thoughts as they always where about her being weird and other mean things...She had lived in Gravity Falls since she was a child and loved the nature and always stayed there but never went further out of fear of getting lost

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Dis is my new community, join if you'd like :3

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I love gravity falls. I'll never forget it.
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I'm sorry I have to leave, I need to focus on my story I'm writing. : (

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Name: Jo
Gender: F
Species: Angel-Cat
Side: Both Evil and Good.
Personality: Funny, Hyper, Cheerful
Crushing, Single, Or Taken: Crushing
Bill or Dip?: ``...both, actually!``
~that smol cinnimon roll cat~

i will not be posting anything over the summer but please do not leave the community. more fun stuff coming up

{:}Jo is floating for some reason{:}
``he-hey, im flyin!``

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you attack bill but he snaps his fingers and you start floating " oh no i don't think so (username) i'm just here to warn you"
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"warn me of what?"

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Name: Sakuya Izayoi
gender: Female
likes: Knives, darkness
dislikes: Bright lights

name: Reimu Hakurei
gender: Female
likes:Daylight, her friends, dancing
dislikes: Darkness, being embarrassed

name: Momiji Inubashiri
gender: Female
likes:Wolves, dogs
dislikes: Cats, lynxes
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Name: Ivorella "Ivory" Archer

Age: 14

Personality: Shy, but clever, intelligent, and lovable

(Based on a pic I found on Pintrest. Also, I am really bad at doing a sort of Gravity Falls art style...)
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