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NOTICE is hereby duly served of the First General Meeting of the Founding Members of the UoN Medical Insurance Group, to be held in 8-4-4 Hall (MPH), on Main Campus, UoN, from 2 to 5 pm on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

1. Meeting called to order, followed by prayer(s).
2. Introductory remarks by Prof. Yambo: How we got here and where we're headed.
3. Self-introductions by Founding Members.
4. Official Naming of Medical Insurance Group.
5. Determining the Group's core function(s) and outlining its Memorandum and Articles of Association. Steps to registration.
6. Election of seven Trustees or Directors to the Board, with positions for Executive Chairperson, Secretary, Finance, Medical, Legal and Board Member (all subject to variation at the general meeting).
7. Determining the parameters of Group health insurance needs.
8. General discussion: How to identify and procure the services of a credible medical insurer.
9. Launch of the Register of Group Members. Setting of Membership fee.
10. Scheduling of presentations by prospective insurers.
11. AOB.
12. Closing of meeting. Prayers. Photos.

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Hi Everyone,

If you joined this group only recently and wish to catch up on the earliest conversations about a Don-driven UoN Medical Insurance Scheme, kindly click on this link:

Thank you.

Hi Everyone,

Those of us who are not registered on the WhatsApp platform of UoN: Medical Insurance Group are urged to kindly register there too. This is because the intended migration to this Google+ platform is far slower than anticipated.

To avoid missing out on the robust conversation going on there, kindly send your full name, your Department and/or Faculty, School or Institute and cellphone number to 0721931219 for registration. You need to be on WhatsApp for the registration to work.

We expect to have our first general/group meeting at MPH, Main Campus, next Sunday, April 9th 2017, from 2 to 5 pm. You're invited.


M. Yambo

Dr Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia, School of Economics.

Hi everyone,
Can we all give a brief introduction of ourselves? This will assure other members that only UoN Dons are in this group, and that nobody else has been given access inadvertently.

So, give us your academic title, the official name by which the University of Nairobi knows you; and the Department or Faculty/School/Institute and campus where you are based.

I'll start: I am Prof. Mauri Yambo, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Main Campus.

Your turn now.

Hi All,

Here below is an excerpt of an email that I received from Jubilee Insurance asking for further information from us to enable it to compute more fully the financial implications of our group cover. Two specific items stand out, and will have to be provided to our group by each of our members for aggregation prior to transmission to the chosen insurer (not necessarily Jubilee at this point in time). These are: (a) Age of Member; (b) Number of Dependents per Member.

Kindly have this information ready, so that (if we so wish) we can deliver it as soon as it is required in order to finalize the insurance deal with our preferred Insurer.

Averages will be computed by the group office, once it is established.




Dear Prof.Yambo,

Thank you for considering our Jubilee Insurance Medical product.

Find attached our corporate write-up detailing the scope of cover and limits applicable.

To enable us provide you with a quote, kindly provide us with:
Ø Name, Occupation/Industry of the group and their geographical location
Ø Average age for the staff
Ø Benefits required e.g Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental, Optical, Maternity.
Ø Overall Limit of cover required and any Optional riders required
Ø Number of staff
Ø Number of dependants if any


My name is Dr Karuku from CAVS upper kabete campus department of land resources and agricultural technology. Am happy with this healthy insurance initiative to supplement the one by the employer. So let's push together and we shall make it. Stay blessed colleagues.

Department of Educational Studies, ODeL Campus

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Kindly peruse the Corporate Health Insurance brochure from Jubilee Insurance, to see the kind of pro-forma product they have on offer.

As we look ahead, we should begin to think of the specific items we want to include or vary in order to convert this pro-forma product into one tailor-made for us in terms of everything that we want covered.

Other insurance companies will be asked to share with us their pro-forma products ahead of the face-to-face pitch that each will be asked to make in front of members of our group and other interested Dons before we make a decision.

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