Sorry i have not got to do charms class class comes back today's tomorrow 

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I'm sorry guys, I haven't been active at all in forever, so I'm leaving almost all my communities. If you would like to contact me tag or message +Kris Terra my other account or +Dave Strider my friend. (ps I'm leaving so +Sanjana you can delete my posts or whatever)

Name: Cassie Floyd
Blood Status: Muggle Born
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Willow Wood With Phoenix Feather Core 14 1/2" Quite Bendy
Year: 1st
Best Class: Charms
Pet: Snowy Owl
Patronus: Otter
Favorite Character: Hermione Granger
Personality Traits: Intelligent, Kind, Shy
+Sanjana Chatterjee 

+Sanjana Chatterjee
I know school starts on September 1 but it seems as if quidditch tryouts already occurred. Also, may I become a student here? I did the thing on the ID but it says I need a form thingy?

+Sanjana Chatterjee​​​​
Nicolette Hildebrand. Age 13, third year.
Wand: 13in. Holly, dragon heartstring, phoenix feather.
Blood status: Muggle born
House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Fennec fox
Boggart: The ones I love, dead
Bff: Evangeline Hildebrand
Enemies: none
Best class: Potions
Birth date: June 3, 2003
Talents: Quick on my feet, easily solves conflicts, singing
Trivia: Was raised in America and started showing signs of wizardry when only five years old. Moved to London when I turned six and both me and my parents were unaware that I was a wizard.
Preferable quidditch position: Beater
Owl: Small, brown, owl.

+Sanjana Chatterjee​ I have a question about prefects. Do they change every year or do they stay the same? Because, as I have been at Hogwarts for a little while now I feel more comfortable with the rules and would quite like to become a perfect. Is there a test I have to do to qualify?

+Sanjana Chatterjee
Name: Jennifer Watchon
House: slytherin
Blood Status:Pure Blood
Wand:Black 11/12 inches
Best Friend: Emma Evanna Wright
Enemy: stupidness and Ignorance
Patronus: Phoenix

Name: Emily White
Blood-status: Pure-Blood
House: Slytherin
Wand: Rosewood, 12¾ inches, Veela hair core.
Special Talent: Can write amazing fanfictions.

+Sanjana Chatterjee
Name:Steve McDonald
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status:Pure Blood
Wand:Black Walnut, 10 and 3/4 inches, Phoenix Feather Core
Best Friend: Andrew Gates
Enemy: Ignorance
Patronus: Phoenix
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