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Sexual Orientation:


Have you ever been slushied?:






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Name: Rachel Barbra Berry
Occupation: Nurse and actress
Sexual orientation:Straight
Crushes: Finn Hudson
Have i ever been slushied : yesl
Likes: Music,singing,dancing and acting
dislike:Jerks and people who think they are all that
Skills: Singing,Dancing and acting
Clubs: Glee club
Bio: I live with my two dads. I love to sing dance and act i have a best friend named Kurt Hummel. I want to be a star when i gradutae high school. My two dads are gay and my dream is to be on broadway > I have a crush on Finn Hudson but i dont think he even sees me. I love to cook and clean and i love Glee

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Name: Aaliyah Dana Houghton

(Face Flaim if you have one): Aaliyah Dana Houghton

Age: 19

School: McKinley High

Occupation: Student

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crushes: Sebastian Smythe

Have you ever been slushied?: No

Likes: 90s Music, Making Beats, Making Her Own Songs, Singing, Playing The Piano, Playing The Acoustic Guitar, Writing Songs, Dancing

Dislikes: People Who Play With Her Heart

Skills: Singing, Dancing, Acting

Clubs: Glee Club

Bio: Aaliyah Was Born On January 16th 1998, Her Dad Was Killed In Front Of Her When She Was 6. At Age 15, Aaliyah's Mother Was Sick So That Left Her To Take Care Of Her By Herself. Now At The Age Of 19 Aaliyah Goes To McKinley High And From Nosw On She Vows To Take Care Of Her Mother.
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Roleplay, anybody?

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Name: Kurt Hummel

(Face Flaim if you have one)
Chris Colfer

Age: 17

School: McKinley

Occupation: Singer, Fashionista

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Crushes: Blaine and Alice

Have you ever been slushied?: yuppers, bunch a times

Likes: his sister, friends, singing and dancing

Dislikes: bullies, Sebastian, slushies

Skills: singing, fashion

Clubs: Glee

Bio: yall should know this
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Name: Robin Jane

Age: 18

School: William McKinley High School

Occupation: Student

Sexual Orientation: I am straight.

Crushes: Well...I am into this one guy. His name is Dylan Johnson. He is so cute, I hope he notices me back.

Have you ever been slushied?: Yes. Oh my gosh! I hate that. It is so annoying how they keep doing that to me. I’m surprised they allow students to do this to each other; shouldn’t this be a rule in the handbook somewhere?!

Likes: Glee club, singing, writing my own music, cooking, books/novels, mysteries, and problem solving

Dislikes: Bullies, slushies, ignorance, the football team, and the cheerios

Skills: Singing, song-writing, and problem solving

Clubs: Glee club, Drama club, Writing club, and Music club

Bio: I don’t necessarily like to share too much about myself, but I will say that I am a new student here. I just transferred here to school last month. I live with my dad. He is awesome. I am also the cousin of Marley Rose, who previously was a student here, but I don’t think anyone really knows...or cares, but I do. There you have it.

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Name: "My name is Sebastian Smythe"

(Face Flaim if you have one)

Grant Gustin

Age: "I'm 17"

School: "Dalton Academy"

Occupation: "I'm a singer, dumbasses"

Sexual Orientation: "Straight, Gay on the weekends" He winks a bit

Crushes: "Jazmine Hummel"

Have you ever been slushied?: "They don't Dare"

Likes: "I like Chocolate, Men, Women, Male Strip Bars, Bars in general, my little sister"

Dislikes: "Kurt, McKinley"

Skills: "Singing, Dancing, being myself"

Clubs: "Warblers"

Bio:  Sebastian Smythe is the former lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers and is openly bisexual. Sebastian cannot stand living in Ohio and detests the idea of attending public school. The son of a state's attorney, Sebastian is snide, self-absorbed, and ruthless in his put-down. If New Directions has an arch villain, then he fits the bill.
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I want to be Adeline puckerman noah pucker little sister she is 15 years old and a freshman at McKinley high

I am really fascinated by all the content here. Good job to everyone.
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