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Today's blog is on inspiration... this time it's music, more specifically Iron Maiden.

Free short story! It's still in a very rough form as it's designed to show what I've been achieving with dictating. Find out more and get the story (pdf format) here...

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Me? Power hungry? Maybe... I am a Dictator now!

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It's Author Interview time - this week Barbara G. Tarn, a Sci Fi and Fantasy author who has moved from writing in her native Italian to writing her books in English. Given that I can just about order a beer in Italian, I am hugely impressed!

And you can see all the author interviews at

Author interview time again - it's almost like it's still Christmas!  This time it's Scott Keen, college English instructor and author of the excellent Scar of the Downers.

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It's author interview time again, this time the answers come from the dreamily inspired (read the interview!) Renee Scattergood...…/

So... Wanderer - Origins has now been on sale for about a week, and in that time it has sold an amazing 1080 copies!  On top of that it's already racked up 7 reviews, all five stars, at alone.  I'm very happy, and celebrating with a cuppa.  :-)

Good morning from sunny California USA. I did my parting last night. Paying the price now. Waiting for the pre order Wander to show up in my Nook. Book 5?? Bloody hell!! Going to leave us hanging again huh.

Well, that was one amazing day.  With the pre-orders being processed I sold more than 850 books in a single day... which is so far beyond amazing that I can't begin to describe it.  Add to that a great launch party with family and friends, and having some fun with the virtual launch party, and I can safely say I am over the moon.  :-)
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