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Description: The son of Magneto, Quicksilver is one of the fastest things on two feet!
Team: Avengers
Playable: Agent Only
Cost: 500 Gold or 5000 Fractals
Voice Actor:
Marvel Lore: + 1
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Teleport, Ground Speed, Double Jump
Health: 275 / 350 / 650
Combo Damage:
First: 12 Damage & Knockdown, runs through a row of enemies.
Second: 14 Damage, runs through a row of enemies.
Third: 16 Damage, kicks an enemy.
Fourth: 6+6+6+6+6+6 Damage, quickly punches an enemy 6 times
Fifth: 27 Damage & Knockdown, flip kicks an enemy.
Total: 105
37+39+41+(31x6)+52=355 with gold badge at level 40
Power 1: Tornado Blasts - Spins arms quickly pushing enemies away, dealing 11 Damage & Knockback up to 4 times.
15x4=60 Damage with silver badge at level 12
40x4=160 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Power 2: Hyperspeed! - Spins and hits surrounding enemies, dealing 27 Damage plus Team Speed Boost.
40 Damage with silver badge at level 15
65 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Power 3: Human Cyclone - Runs around in circles and hits surrounding enemies up to 7 times, dealing 14 Damage each hit.
16x7=112 with silver badge at level 18
41x7=287 with gold badge at level 40
Hero Up: Dashes around in multiple directions and hits surrounding enemies up to 10 times, dealing 27 Damage each hit.
36x10=360 with silver badge at level 20
61x10=610 with gold badge at level 40
Tip: Make sure to be in the center of as many enemies as possible when you Hero Up. If you are by a wall, you lose some of the effect. Although lots of fun in a group mission, Quicksilver is a challenge to solo because of the long delay before he launches his first attack. Many times you will be hit or knocked down before he attacks. To make every attack count, try to move so that your attack lines up and you can hit more than 1 enemy or boss in a line. As soon as you have 5 stars, fire off your Hero Up. You can sometimes use Quicksilver's strange 1st and second attack where he runs a long way to escape mobs. Quicksilver can run into a mob and back out rather quickly and then you can run away and try a different angle.

Upon Entering: "You can all relax now. Quicksilver is here."
Character Select: "I'll get the job done quick."
Using Door: "This had better be worth my time."
Eating Pizza: "I've already burned off the calories from this pizza."
Citizen Greeting: "Charmed, I'm sure."
Going in Water: "Mmm... very soothing. My feet get a little warm at hypersonic speeds."
Destroying Trouble-bot: "I've had enough of your nonsense."
Chasing Robber: "Running away? From me? Don't you know who I am?"
Using Hotspot: zoom "Hooah."
Using Wheel: "Haha... The last time I used this, I spun it so fast it fell apart."
Visiting Shop: N/A
Visiting Parker House: "A most exemplary dessert, madam. Good day."
Sitting: "I think I'll take a quick break. Ahh..."
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "Curioiser and curioser"
Solo Mission: "Haha, I'll have this handled before you know it."
Mission with Other Squads: "Try and keep up, people, ... if you can."
Solo Mission Complete: "Problem solved. In record time, I might add."
Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Well done everyone. I'm not easily impressed."

Power 1: "Back off!"
Power 2: "Let's finish this."
Power 3: "Whirlwind!"
Hero-Up: "Time to go for a spin. Hah."

To Astonishing Cyclops:
To Avenging Wolverine:
To Beast:
To Captain America:
To Deadpool:
To Giant-Man: "Shouldn't you be at the Avengers Academy, Henry?"
To Hawkeye:
To Hulk:
To Human Torch:
To Iron Man:
To Magneto:
To Scarlet Witch:
To Spider-Man:
To Squirrel Girl:
To Tigra:
To Vision:
To Wonder Man:
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