I would like to know if I have to donate to Leaf in order to search for information. I would like to know how I like Leaf before I make any commitments. I cannot get any information entered.

I am a Temple and Family History Consultant and would like to be able to change the Default Start Person from ME to the PID # of the person I am helping. Is that possible or can you add it to a future upgrade?

My goal is to find each of my ancestors and all of their descendants in every census that they could be in, and attach those records. However, I haven't found any tool that makes it easy to track who I've looked at and attached the census records to.

There might be a few different ways to accomplish this. Here are two:

I would love a feature where I can overlay some info on a fan chart: Highlight everyone that was alive between 1820 and 1840 (or something like that).
Highlight everyone that has an 1820 census record attached.

Or, allow me to have a set of custom 'tasks', and then give me a fan chart with checkboxes on everyone in the fan chart for each of those tasks. That would allow any custom genealogy workflow.

I'm interested in eliminating all duplicates from my tree (there seem to be quite a few 'possible duplicates' in FamilySearch). Is there a convenient way to do that?

Leaf looks great.  I would like to be able to increase the number of generations I see on one fan chart.  I am excited to use this.

I can't sign in and yes I am using the correct user name and password. I did chat on familysearch and she couldn't help me.  She tried to sign into Leaf Genealogy and had the same problem.  She suggested that I ask about a possible bug?  Can anyone help me?

Ok so my tree is not showing a few people.  The first is sylvanus bishop LD1F-5LW, and rachel spicer LD1F-5PM.  It does show the son, William, and on William's profile page it shows these parents, but the tree is blank.  

The other issue is Selucia Davis 99Y1-MJR is not showing on the tree.  Her son Charles KWZW-718 shows, and on his profile page it shows her, but not on the tree.

what is the matter? Now My mother doesn't exist? She's living and not LDS yet my fan show nothing of my mother's side.

It says that my living mother is missing a Death event. You could suppress that for living people.

Fantastic application!  Thank you.
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