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Hi Beta testers, new version available at last .Cheers for having the patience. V 3.1.8(final update before public release).

List of new features:

●New Favorite contacts.
●New filter messages by keyword.
●New unread and favorite home-screen widgets.
●Every feature in the settings is now working.

List of bug fixes:

●Basically fixed everything i can.

New server external download link is:

Thank you to +Bruno-Isa LAMOUR-ARNOULD for the French translations.

We have scaled our servers to accommodate more than 1 million users that's why we have added a very affordable subscription model to support our infrastructure 😀.

Enjoy sending unlimited messages and media.Cheers.

Love the app but I am.not getting any notifications of new text. The text comes through but zero notification.
Google.pixel 2xl stock Verizon.

Hi Kenneth. I really wish that you had fixed the SMS part of the app first, before branching out in other directions. I needed a good SMS app, which was why I paid for Niaje. I really don't need or want all the extras, and I can't really wait any longer for the private box to be fixed, or the blocking by content, or even the size of the avatars... I'm moving on. I'll keep checking, and as soon as the SMS part of the app works, I'll be back. You really do appear to have lost your way a bit!

Hi Kenneth. It appears that any conversations in the private box will not open. If I move a conversation back to the inbox, I can access the messages. In the private box, nothing.

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complains coming up bro?? +Kenneth Waweru​ just shared it in a group and they are crying of storage is taking up much space.

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and i keep getting that message everytime why??the download thing..

Hi Beta testers, new version available at last .Cheers for having the patience. V 3.1.6(new update 20/01/2018).

List of new features working:
●Instant Messaging :the major update!
●New wallpaper filters.
●Sending image stickers.
●Sending image filters.
●New camera.
●New video and audio player.
●New image switcher.
●New search view.
●New contact picker.
●Gif drawer.
●Sending documents.
●List separator.
●Registration to Yippee is now optional.
●Added promotions box while private box has moved to the contextual menu.
●Many more features just check them out.
●More bug fixes and optimizations

Features not working:
●Search does not take you to the specific message.
●Delete my account.
●Change phone number.
●Languages not available(only English)
●Auto send for IM.
●Auto forward and reply for IM.

New server external download link is:

Bug fix:
●Fixed IM new contact added bug.
●Fixed last seen time difference miss-calculation.
●Fixed downloading language (only English and French available)
●Fixed crashes when opening the stickers.
●Fixed crashes when playing audio if permission not given.
●Fixed crashes when changing font.

Our cloud IM server only supports 100 concurrent users but i will be increasing the capacity to 1K soon.

Hi there. I am running the app. Three immediate problems. Each time I run the app it wants me to register. I don't want to register. How can I stop that annoying reminder. I live in Brazil, so I keep getting told that English cannot be downloaded as a language - in English, of course. How can I remove that annoying reminder. Where is the blocking of messages based on content. That's what I've been waiting for. Also, the private box is still visible through the password entry page (albeit blurred) - that page should be opaque. Finally, the icon for the private box is still visible on the bottom bar. Over to you...

+Kenneth Waweru​ Christmas gift....yippee ......not yet?

Any more teaser??
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