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The Adventures of Kitten

Kitten goes on Social Network.
Social Network helps Kitten.
Kitten finds cute Boy Kitten.
Boy Kitten chats with Kitten.
Kitten wants to go on date with Boy Kitten.
Boy Kitten agrees with Kitten.
Kitten meets Boy Kitten in a dark alley.
Boy Kitten has an ax, but Kitten has a bazooka.  
When Boy Kitten tries to ax murder Kitten, Kitten just blows Boy Kitten’s head off.
Police Dogs are on their way.
Kitten is now a fugitive on the run.
Police Dogs follow Kitten’s tracks.
Kitten turns herself in. 
Police Dogs arrest Kitten.
Kitten goes on trial.
Judge Chinchilla tries Kitten and finds her NOT GUILTY.

Kitten meets New Boy Kitten.
New Boy Kitten is nice.
Kitten and New Boy Kitten go on a date.
New Boy Kitten and Kitten get married and have 500 Million Kittens.

Listener: ”Girl, why is this Kitten so cracra?”
Reader: ”Why is the Boy Kitten so cracra?”


Kitten & Mushroom

Kitten sees Mushroom.
Mushroom sees Kitten.
Kitten sniffs Mushroom.
Mushroom sniffs Kitten.
Kitten sits on Mushroom.

Mushroom sits on Kitten?
Mushroom does not sit on Kitten.
Kitten says goodbye to Mushroom.
Mushroom says goodbye to Kitten.
Kitten returns with Kitten Friend.
Kitten Friend eats Mushroom.
Due to the chemical balance in Mushroom, it was classified as poisonous, therefore causing Kitten Friend to die five minutes after digesting.
Mushroom comes back to life as a ghost and haunts Kitten, causing Kitten to jump off a bridge into Crazy Cat Lady’s arms, to be strangled to death.
Mushroom parties with Ghost Kitten Friend and ipod.

Do not let your friends eat mushrooms or hug cracra cat ladies.

Listener: “Girl, why you actin’ so cracra?”
Reader: “ Why you actin’ so cracra?”

The End
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