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I am Indian CA and CPA aspirant, i m confused whether shd i take classes to study CPA and if yes which class is better for me in india.

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Accounting Supervisor vacancy in Beautiful Sarasota, FL

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The government may drop the proposal to create a self-reporting mechanism for income estimates, tax payments and advance tax liability by certain taxpayers on voluntary compliance basis in view of adverse comments received from stakeholders, say experts in the know.
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Anyone studying for REG in NC?

Does anyone know how the simulation questions for the CPA exam are graded? For example, will you receive any points if you get 99% of the answer correct?

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Looking for help with FAR or mgmt. accounting sections of BEC? This is for you.

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Government has recently relaxed the due dates of filing GST Returns. It has also deferred filing of GSTR-2 & 3. Ostensibly this is a temporary relief for assessees and professionals. But when we read between the lines, we will understand that GSTR-2 is the AADHAR for matching of taxes in GST and without it there would be mess and additional liability on buyers.
This video explains the importance of timely filing of GSTR-2 and the pitfalls one would face when it is deferred or filed late.

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Anyone in Tampa/Sarasota area taking BEC or Audit? Need a study partner. I have taken the new Audit exam and missed it by 4 points!!! Help

Hey all! Is there anyone live in NC? I am looking for a study partner, and I plan to take the exams in 2018. I am using Wiley and Becker.
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