[Read this before Role playing]

Okay, so I created this so people could role play, plain and simple. However, I will have some rules.

1) No God-modding. I will remove your profile immediately. If you see someone God-modding please message me immediately through hangouts, or tag me.

2) Please, no sex as the topic of your role play. Also, no graphic sex. Just stay within PG-13 guidelines in general.

3) No irl photos

4) Post in the correct area, please

5) Please be considerate of others.

I will update this list as needed. I am actually really new to Google plus role playing, but I have role played on several other sites. Feel free to send me a message through hangouts, though I can't promise I will answer immediately.

Alright, this is gonna be a place where my fellow roleplayers can roleplay and stuff XD idk I just want some people to role play with...
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