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Name Alice Liddell

Age 15/16

Gender Female

Personality She is definitely curious though not as much as she used to be.  She did not want to go back to Wonderland but the darker side of herself lured her into jumping through the looking glass which led her down the rabbit hole.  She is also quite smart as she can get herself out of difficult situations. She is also sweet to a lot of people.  She is trustworthy and adventurous.  She doesn't hesitate to do what's right. 

Appearance She has long blonde hair which is naturally wavy and sometimes she actually straightens it.  She has blue eyes that light up when she is curious or excited.  She wears the legendary blue dress, black shoes and leggings.  She is around 5'2" which makes her shorter than most people in Wonderland. 

Bio She was born and raised in England with her family.  They didn't believe her story after she said she had gone to Wonderland and they dismissed it as one of her silly childish stories.  She even changed the truth to make it seem kind of like a fairytale, not scary at all, like it actually was.  But they still ignored her.  She herself soon dismissed it as a childhood fantasy until the mad hatter began to visit her in her dreams and weave himself into the fabric of her life.  She began to believe in it again and tried to keep it to herself even though it was a lot to handle.  Soon enough she begins to gain magic, a present from Wonderland but also a curse.  And when her darker self twists herself into her mind, she jumps into the mirror leaving behind England and going back into Wonderland. ((I shall have an Rp on that))

Relationship The Mad Hatter has a crush on her but she is a bit frightened and intimidated by him even though she is also attracted to him.  She knows he is dangerous but what girl doesn't love a bad boy?

Other One of her good friends lives in Wonderland and she often has tea parties with her.  She also has a girl who is like a sister who lives in Wonderland. 
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((You can use him as he is an OC but he is reserved for Alice romantically))

Name Mad Hatter

Nickname or Other Name Can be called Morpheus

Age Around 17 or so. But no one can tell in Wonderland

Gender Male

Personality He is a bit show-off ish.  He's a bad boy type and dangerous. He has his own spies working for him in Wonderland.  No one really knows who he supports and works for. Many believe he secretly works for the Queen of Hearts but they are still not sure if that is true. 

Appearance He is quite handsome with high cheekbones and nice features.  He always tries to act all bad boy ish and mysterious and dangerous.  And he makes a point of showing it.  His hair color can change but he always has a hat on and it is usually tilted on his head.

Bio Not much is known about him except that he has a long past with Alice.  (more on this all later) 

Relationship He wants Alice to like him but it seems like Alice is a bit intimidated with him and Morpheus will do anything to keep up his reputation.  Though Alice is letting him in a bit more. 

Other He works often with the Cheshire Cat and other beings in Wonderland.
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