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Anime: Black Butler
Real Name: Alexis Trope
Usual Name: Alex
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Species: Half-demon, half-human
Personality: (In private) very goofy, friendly, and gets depressed when thinking of her past. (With others) grouchy, straight-faced, and pushes away everyone who tries to get close.
Occupation: Butler (Read the bio to find out why a butler and not a maid)
Bio: Alexis had a normal life. A loving mother, a charming father, and a nice little house. Nothing could ruin it. That is, until Alexis's 5th birthday when she sprouted black demon wings and tail. The first signs that she wasn't fully human. Her parents became instantly terrified of her but hid the emotion so they wouldn't make her mad while they thought of a plan to get rid of her.
Two weeks later, Alexis's parents put her in their small little carriage and told her that they were taking her to a "special" place. Alexis was so excited and once they got there, she instantly hopped out and ran to a large building. She was stopped by two men, both wearing lab coats. Then, the sound of a moving carriage came to Alexis's ears and she turned to see her parents leave.
Years pasted and Alexis no longer felt like a person. She was an experiment. A test subject. An object. Finally, Alexis gathered all the strength she had left and ran away while grabbing male clothes to disguise herself.
It didn't take her long before she made it to London and saw all the changes that had been made. She quickly adapted, still pretending to be male, and scavenged for food but was never truly hunger for the regular food. Alexis craved something more...lively.
Then one day, she smelled something amazingly delicious. She followed the smell easily and found a large garden where a blonde boy with quite tight booty shorts was drinking tea. A butler with glasses, black hair, and blank face stood next to the blonde. He seemed to have noticed her presence almost instantly and jumped at her.
Alexis was stunned at first but used her quick reflexes to get out of the way just in time. Still, she was over powered by the butler. Moments later, the blonde stood in front of Alexis as the butler stepped on her back.
"Well, who is this?" The blonde asked. "I usually don't get any filthy mutts at my manor."
Alexis gritted her teeth, wanting so much to beat him but still being pinned down made that difficult and useless.
"Are you not going to talk?" The blonde asked, a slight pout in his voice. "Then I have no choice. Claude."
"Yes, Alois?" The man above Alexis spoke.
"Make this mongrel talk," Alois ordered with a smirk.
Alexis started to feel her back being pressed down further. It hurt, yes, but Alexis had gotten used to pain like this. Alois stood confused as Claude pressed more and more into Alexis's back.
Eventually, Alexis got tired of this and sighed.
"My name is Alex Trope," she stated, making sure that her voice sounded at least slightly male. "I just came to-"
"Steal Alois Trancy's soul," Claude spoke up. "I thought I smelt another demon. I didn't expect them to also be half human."
Alois gasped.
"You're half human! That's amazing!" He proclaimed. Instantly, he got an idea "Maybe even amazing enough to get Ciel to come!"
Alois turned his attention back on Alexis.
"I want you to be my servant," he stated simply.
"And what makes you think I will work for you and not kill you?" Alexis stated coldly.
"Because I have Claude and he will protect me. Right, Claude?~"
"Yes, your highness," Claude replied with a slight bow of his head.
"Plus, we will make sure you get something to eat," Alois added. "It shouldn't be very hard. So, do we have a deal?"
Alexis thought it over and very simply came up with an answer.

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Appearance:the first picture
We were always good friends but you were girly and i wasn't....we always switched so we always had fun...we did share one interest though, danceing one day a boy came and we both liked him we tryed not to fight but it was hard we managed though but started having aguments
((open rp 1 female needed))
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Full name-jade hono 
Usual name-jade
Age- 19
Species- death and fire goddess
Personality-nice and careing but if hurt or sad deadly  
Gender- girl (female)
Sexuality- bisexal 
Description on looks- has black and red hair and wears a black laced dress (look at the picture)
Likes- nice people, hugs, poems, 
Dislikes- a lot of colors, rude people
Occupancy- goddess
Other-  has a pet horse called blaze (has powers which are: able to set things or herself on fire and able to kill anyone or anything)
Bio- well as a death and fire goddess she was told her whole life on to feel anything but she couldnt she hated it in the underworld so on the night of her 18th birthday she packed up and ran away and now lives in the human world with her horse and a few bags of clothes and stuff.
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Name:Chiharu Hinaskio
Gender: Female
'Bout me: Leader of the werewolf clan, nean, cold-hearted, don't do anything stupid or I get into ur skin, wild-spirited, and more. I can see everything.
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kirito diratio crimsonfang
age 18
bio:dont mess with me or you die, i will do any jobi tend to be a loner who always travels. so one min i could be behind you and the next above you. so watch out im always watching.

You're in a desert with someone of your choice, . You are running low on supplies. (open rp with three people)

Anime: Oruan High school Host Club
Name: Koyro
NickName: Ko
Age: 17
He is tall and is very handsom. He has black hair and striking blue eyes. His skin is like porcelain.

Real name: Willow Henderson
User name: Harmony Garacoa
Age in role play: 18
Age in real life: 12

Name: Kishin Woods
Age: ???
Bio: not much, lets rp
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