Mesmo com o aplicativo instalado e configurado continuo a receber anúncios do 99 pop

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Karol and the Insiders crew proudly announces the new release of Blokada, with the hallmark of 3.6.
The new version ships a lot of improvements in stability, reliability and a re-organisation of the UI, please let me list a few of them:
- Improve reliability of the new filters handling code from v3.5
- Improve general tunnel stability
- New Advanced Settings screen is added
- Added a setting for list update frequency
- Added 'wifi-only' update mode
- Decrease data usage by downloading only lists which have too old cache
- Added a setting to prevent the system to stop Blokada when the system's power saving is enabled
To read all the things that are below the hood, follow this link:
While the code was written, we reached 150.000 active users*, 1216 followers on facebook and our Telegram group grew to have 1384 members.
If you like the project and want to keep it alive, consider to donate:
Or join us:
You can download the newer version from
We can have a chat on Telegram if you have questions or need assistance:

F-droid version will arrive in the upcoming days, the code is shared with them.

* estimated value, based on number of downloads

Hi, this soft is awesome !
Just because I am curious, where can I have the list of DNS requests that were blocked when blokada is on ?

Hi, using Blokada on Android P seems to not work very well. When I connect to Blokada everything works for a short while, but when I use my phone later it stops working. The VPN icon is still in the upper right corner, but ads are not blocked.

I'm using a Pixel

I realised that blokada was causing issues when i tried to download e rentals from my library's app.

When i went to add it to white lists i cant find it at all either typing it in, or adding all of my apps? am I missing anything obvious possibly? (worst case i can just turn it off when i go to download a rental and turn it back on)

there is no signal after switching data until you log in to the program,I use tecno spark k 7 android 7.0 nougat

Blokada 3.4 is just out, you can download it from (as always, F-Droid version arrive later).
This major version fixes the reported crashes, some library dependencies are removed for smoother app builds. You can find the full list here:

If you have questions or issues, join our Telegram group and let's have a chat:

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A video how to turn on and what is the effect of custom DNS. The same process applies for Blokada DNS, which is available on Play Store, and for Blokada that you can download for free from
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