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Have you seen Blokada v1.2.1 yet? It has a new optimised blocking mechanism! with better better battery life, stability, performance, and many bugs fixed. You should really notice a difference!

Version 1.2.2 does not stay active with or without keeping alive activated

It just arbitrarily shuts down. 

Does Blokada auto-update it's hosts from any upstream changes? If not, is there going to be an update for that in the future or maybe even a refresh button

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Big news! We've surpassed 100mln ads blocked! Oh, and Blokada v1.0 is available! ;) Check out the new features now, download here:

+Blokada Admin​​ Can you implement a custom filter option(one host list among collection by Steven blacks)?

Also is it possible to add custom domain blockers into a list or separately

(eg:Adway filter + Additional websites by user from browser[using share option] in case of out brain , traboola ,etc)

+Blokada Admin​ Your suggestion(idea) form webpage is not working. Tried to submit an idea.But it is just stuck at loading screen

Easy to use & hard to see ad when Blokade running. Blokade just magically removed all ad from all of my apps (YouTube too). Big thans to dev.

Well, after shuffling through the many ad blocking browsers on Google Play, searching for a real ad blocker for Chrome Dev on my ZTE, I got ticked and did a little searching on the web. Read something I'd forgotten...that Google bans ad blockers from the Play Store. So I loaded up Amazon Underground and searched for the highest-rated ad blocker for Android, and here I am.
Just got Blokada up and running and I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs.😀

+Blokada Admin​ Can I have your permission to use your Unified Hosts file on rooted devices(directly replace hosts file, as adaway host server)?

20 million ads blocked! Thanks to everyone using Blokada, you're the best! :) We got 10+ feature suggestions from you and will be releasing updates shortly!
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