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Blokada v3 is out! Better than ever.


Is there a way to export the whitelist in v2.2.3 and import it in v3.0?

So I just got 3.0. It works great. But I want to turn off notifications. I don't need to know Everytime an ad is blocked.

Is anyone else unable to add Cisco Jabber to the whitelist? I can see and add Cisco Spark, but not Jabber. I need Jabber whitelisted since it blocks being able to hear callers on both my end and their end. Calls work perfectly fine when Blokada is disabled. I tried the Blokada Telegram support but no answer.

Thanks in advance!

Great ad saver. The best by far.

Is there a way to disable the pertinant notification with the new 3.0 version?

How do I go from basic to expert in the new preview beta

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Hi all, big news! I've prepared a 3.0.0-preview build. I'd appreciate if you find a moment to install it and check if you experience any problems.


If you use F-Droid, you will need to do a clean install.

The list of changes is long, you can find it here:

Thank you!
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