lily was asleep but she fell asleep in the woods

lily was talking to a guard
me: just...
guard: ma'am..

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quotes: nothing ventured nothing gained

Name: Alexander

 Age: 26

 town: Derry

Magic: Lightning magic

 Rank: Mage

 Race: human

  Likes: working with my hands, tinkering, practicing my spells, wandering from town to town, my falcon Morgana

  Dislikes: people who try to Over power those that are weaker,

 Bio: Alexander is the son of a great clock maker, his father taught him how to create gears and make everything work, when he was 13 he discovered he has a massive magical affinity to lightning, since then he began to experiment with the skills his father taught him, his first experiment is a clockwork falcon, after applying his magic he was amazed it worked,

 Looks: pics

 Weapons: staff and dagger

 Pets (if have one): mechanical falcon

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alexander wanders through the Forest smiling enjoying the calm breeze, the sound of a falcon is heard as my mechanical falcon lands on my forearm, letting me know she saw something, I push my arm out lead me there, starts to follow her on the ground as she soars through the sky 
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I'm on the planes staring at the beautiful nights sky with. It was filled by a bright full moon and many stars I decide to hum somthing

lily was in her room singing

I'm in the planes practicing my sword smiling and whistling

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Quotes: "Bloody Hell" "Do I have a choice in the matter?" "Fantastic...... not*

Name: Ivy Estance, Kitten Estance and Rose Estance

 Age: 16

 Town: Derry

Magic: Fire and Ice

 Rank: Servent

 Race: Debatible because of her parents but mainly Human

  Likes: Listening to music and help in people.

  Dislikes: Hate filled people and people how jump to conclusions.

Bio: Was abandoned at an orphanerium. Her Uncle Vix, once he found her, took her in when she was 4. He told her that her perants went human but never told her what they were because it was forbidden for her parents to get together and have a child. She lived with him until he died. She started work as a Servent do she can earn money and buy herself food. She lives in the forest outside of town in a little cottage that was her Uncles.

 Looks: Black hair with a purple strip in her hair, long, emerald green eyes and the everyday clothing are in the pics. Wears an aqua blue top, black ripped jeans and a purple jacket when she works.

 Weapons: Two swords and two knives.

 Pets (if have one): Doesnt have one.

 Other: She has a split personality. The kind one is Kitten and the mean one is Ivy. She can split herself into the two personalities, when this happens Kitten will wear bright colours and is happy most of the time, and Ivy will wear black and is emo. When they are one person they go by the name Rose. Rose is the everyday person. She can play an electric guitar and sings.

((Please tell me if something is wrong))
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Quotes: "All's fair in love and war" "Shadows are life" "Skrew the heart!"

Name: June Otoko

 Age: 3,873 but looks and acts like she's 14

 town: None she travels from town to town

Magic: Shadow demon takeover, can control shadows

 Rank: Mage

 Race: Vampirial Demon

  Likes: Darkness, being alone, silence, demon blood

  Dislikes: The light, boring stuff

 Bio: Unknown (She does have im just too lazy to type it)

 Looks: Strait, long, black hair, blood red eyes,

 Weapons: Shadow long blade, twin shadow katanas

 Pets: Cat girl named Jade (I'll make Jade's profile later)

 Other: I don't know
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Quotes: "Witches aren't that bad...." The cold is my domain..."

Name: Stacey Lynn | or | Mizu Waterlu

 Age: idk but looks around 15

 town: Traveler

Magic: Can control any liquid/ice, healing,

 Rank: Mage

 Race: Half witch half ???

  Likes: The cold, snow, winter, reading, writing, drawing, singing, ice cream, making potions
  Dislikes: Any heat in general! Bullies

 Bio: (I'll copy and paste it once I get my computer plugged in)

 Looks: medium length brown hair, blurry gray eyes| or when Mizu| long wavey black hair with icy blue eyes

 Weapons: Can form any weapon with ice/liquid

 Pets: Bandit pet wolf

 Other: When she's in a life or death situation she is taken over by a second soul in her body named Mizu.

(pic 1 mizu)
(pic 2 stacey
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