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Can you do me a favor and fill out this survey.

It would also be great to send to your friends

Thanks so much in advance.

Have a great weekend.

Best Gerd

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My personal thoughts on the Apple Watch

 - the next big thing, a repetition of the iPod story, as a very preliminary guess

Moreover, I guess, as before, a lot of people had worked in the area (I still remember all the mp3 players pre iPod), but than an execution that push everybody out of the market. I think the watch will be a huge success and kill part of the traditional watch industry and competitors in wearable electronics. 

Furthermore, Apple will take a major cut from payment transactions (although, they might get overrun for the first time for long by the technological development - ref Bitcoin - Apple has not got this point properly and they beg on the wrong horse - money transfer with a middle man has to many disadvantages: security, takes far to long time - e.g. Visa takes a week for the merchant to get the transaction really confirmed, to high transaction cost ..... the block chain brings so much ease ; Apple should have a better look at apps they have on their own app store - like bread wallet you can find the code here: In any case for the near future Apple will make a lot of money with their new payment system and the watch will make it very easy to use.

In general, it is still difficult to really judge the watch. I did not have any in my hands and I did not study WatchKit, which is not common accessible to all Apple developers. Just a very few people from few companies like e.g. FB got access under non disclosure agreement. The real capability will be first revealed by studying the WatchKit. 

I think what the Watch will make great are all the apps developers will come up with after the technology is made accessible to everybody.

For the moment we got a demo of some of the basic functionality - only a glimpse as Tim said in the keynote. There is more not revealed functionality e.g.of the 4 sensors on the back.

The Watch looks like an awesome platform. One think I am wondering is battery life. Will the Watch make it through the day. What about 24/7 trackers? In any case I am really looking forward to develop for the Watch.

My personal Watch project: 

I am researching as this might be a great concept to build the decentralized company structure for my startup and the secure P2P sharing for sensitive data (such as DNA sequencing data).

To get really deep into this, I am exploring this project:

ADS: An easy to use Ethereum (smart contracts wo a 3rd party) iPhone and Apple Watch implementation for the general public.

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Our work in the latest issue of BioCoder:

Leukippos: A Synthetic Biology Lab in the Cloud

Pablo Cárdenas, Maaruthy Yelleswarapu, Sayane Shome, Jitendra Kumar Gupta, Eugenio Maria Battaglia, Pedro Fernandes, Alioune Ngom, and Gerd Moe-Behrens

"As we move deeper into the digital age, the social praxis of science undergoes fundamental changes, driven by new tools provided by information and communication technologies. Specifically, social networks and computing resources such as online cloud-based infrastructures and applications provide the necessary context for unprecedented innovations in modern science. These tools are leading to a planetary-scale connectivity among researchers and enable the organization of in silico research activities entirely through the cloud.

Research collaboration and management via the cloud will result in a drastic expansion of our problem-solving capacity, since groups of people with different backgrounds and expertise that openly gather around common interests are more likely to succeed at solving complex problems. Another advantage is that collaboration between individuals becomes possible regardless of their geographic location and background.

Here we present a novel, open-web application called Leukippos, which aims to apply these information and communication technologies to in silico synthetic biology projects. We describe both the underlying technology and organizational structure necessary for the platform’s operation. The synthetic biology software search engine, SynBioAppSelector, and the game, SynBrick, are examples of projects being developed on this platform."

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CytoComp - microprocessor built from biological parts - officially wins the Startup Engineering competition provided by Stanford University / Coursera

You might remember the crowd funding campaign for CytoComp. This was done in the frame of a competition in the Startup Engineering MOOC class provided by Stanford University / Coursea. CytoComp won as the most funded project in this competition. I would like to thank all of you for your help and support. In addition to the money contribution, I really appreciate the awesome discussions we had, and all the new people I was lucky to get to know during the campaign.

Thanks to you all.

Here is the leader board:

The home page for CytoComp here:

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Think github/facebook - sort of a social network paid for by developers, and users, no ads. An avenue IoUs can take, let's map in Idea Maze

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