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Dear / Obama President of the United States of America Greetings,

               God destroy your house!!!      

     Of the previous word understand why people should blame the Egyptians the current U.S. administration, which encouraged the brothers and Molthm to reach  Rule Egypt were fooled all Kthoar and American opponents illusion it with Egypt democracy and an oasis of freedom. While in fact is not only wants its interests and the security of Israel and only found enlist in tyranny new They Brotherhood so encouraged and Molthm what pressure the U.S. Ambassador and some Western ambassadors in Cairo to FIS Egyptian to enter parliamentary elections in May next year 2013. However, a strong indication bet Americans strongly on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to implement their policy within the country of Egypt understand do not want partners in Egypt as far as what they want continued servile outlet for their policy and eliminate the Dream Egyptian state strong democracy and an oasis of freedom and creativity, so must be eliminated and spoiling the Egyptian revolution was this scenario Alrdi for abuses the democratic transition process in Egypt. I stopped Alknabh to the speed and the hottest events in Egypt since been elected Mercy for the presidency if've listed developments that took place in Egypt since been elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to have seen catastrophic prerogative decline freedoms important for the Egyptian people Chta returned some sectors Menna back to whisper again and does not want to speak in public After a boat victims of the demonstrations and violence in Egypt (100) dead and thousands injured and detained in record time only 8 months from the beginning of the rule of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. With erosion of the independence of the Egyptian judiciary and the appointment of Attorney General in violation of the laws and change the lineup the Supreme Constitutional Court and exit three provinces major strategy on the Suez Canal for security control and declare a state of emergency by the entry in the civil disobedience since more than ten days and the situation is subject to evolution and extremely dangerous. Not to mention that most of the Egyptian provinces on a Hot Tin. As the economic situation worsening so highly that there are some experts are now talking with the utmost clarity for bankruptcy Egypt in time in the near and social status let alone critical capabilities Egyptians purchasing have been significantly reduced and many Egyptian families at least, medium material the affected strongly and almost there semi-paralysis social and economic in Egypt and even political.

So Mr Obama Thank strongly and repeat what we said earlier

 (God destroy your home)

 Blogger and Thaer, an Egyptian political activist         

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